I graduated from Evergreen Beauty College in April 2010. I started in the Barbering program and graduated in the cosmetology program after learning I could expand my learning. One thing that attracted me to Evergreen was the fact that they had the Business program and the welcoming hand shake from Theresa when I first arrived. I knew the Business certificate would be a great tool to have, but I never thought I would use it as much as I have. When I first decided to open my shop I remembered I needed a business plan, I spent many hours and late nights writing the “perfect” plan. I knew that I would be able to present it to the bank and get a loan so I could start my business. Well I was wrong, the plan was great but the bank was not willing to invest into a new business. I was disappointed that I had spent so much time building the first part of my business only to be turned down. To make a long story short I dusted myself and my books off, I remember Jim’s English accent reminding me of the 8 secrets to building a business. I knew I could not give up, I had to ” get comfortable being uncomfortable” and I was very uncomfortable. After returning to the books I was able to rewrite an new business plan that brought my $30,000.00 projection to $17,000.00 and to make things better I used the tools to open my shop with everything I needed including equipment, product and material to renovate the space for just under $13,000.00. I was also able to negotiate 2 months free rent to renovate, then an additional 3 months free to build and establish a clientele. Thanks Jim. I am now the proud owner of a growing successful barber shop. Blades & Fades Barber Shop, LLC. I have been told that it takes at least two years to see a profit from a new business, but with all the tools I left the school with I started to see a profit in four months and now after 11 months I have an employee and have quadrupled my gross income from my first full month in business. For the staff at Evergreen they are amazing. I was taught well, but I have to say that the best thing was when I would come to school all the staff would ask how my family was doing, to me that made everyday worth being at school, they cared. I remember that when I was clapped out and that was my last time having to clock in, I felt relieved that I was done with school, but deep down I felt as though I was leaving a family. I was a new bird in the industry with the tools to learn to fly, and now my goal was to soar. I can’t thank everyone there enough, and hope to one day go back and talk to other students about my success. Thanks to everyone at Evergreen and I look forward to seeing you again. Until then God Bless!

- Logan T.