Evergreen is an AMAZING school, I just graduated from there and I loved it. All schools have their pros and cons but the staff at Evergreen Beauty College makes up for everything. I have never felt so supported in my life. The freshman educator Ms. Mimi makes you feel safe and comfortable in the beginning as she prepares you to go out on to the salon floor. Ms. Mimi honestly cares about each and every one of her students and is always there to talk to about anything. Then, once you get out on the floor, Ms. Chandra, Mr. John, Ms. Deanne, and Ms. Laurie are there for you every step of the way. They support you and help you answer questions but also allow you to grow by stepping back and letting you figure out some things on your own. All of the educators motivate you to do your best. I never thought that I would achieve as much as I was able to in school and I owe it all the staff at Evergreen for pushing me to be the best Cosmetologist, and the best business person I could be. I am so glad that I went to Evergreen, even Jhemini and Sarah at the front desk were there for me when I needed them. If I was ever having a bad day they were there to give me a hug and tell me it would all work out. So, if you are looking into becoming a Cosmetologist, I would be sure to call and make an appointment to talk to Ms. Liz and see for yourself what Evergreen Beauty College is all about!

- Sarah L.