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Are you looking for the perfect match of an accredited beauty school in Bellingham? If so, you should visit the Evergreen Beauty College Bellingham campus... read more

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Evergreen Beauty College Bellingham

Are you looking for the perfect match of an accredited beauty school in Bellingham? If so, you should visit the Evergreen Beauty College Bellingham campus. This 8000 square-foot campus in the Renaissance Building downtown Bellingham hosts students looking to succeed in the field of cosmetology all across Washington. Evergreen Beauty College is an accredited learning community that provides students with the training skills, confidence, and opportunity for success. Unlike traditional beauty schools, Evergreen in B’ham addresses the inner student in a supportive family atmosphere where each one can discover his or her own dignity, worth, and hope for the future.

Why Bellingham?

Evergreen Beauty College students love the Bellingham campus because it’s right in the middle of everything that’s happening in B’ham. There are plenty of incredible local eateries surrounding the Bellingham campus, making it easy for you to step out for lunch at a new place every day. Plus, it’s right near Bellingham Farmers Market and it’s within walking distance of Bellingham Station. You can see and do the most interesting things in Bellingham as you go through a comprehensive and supportive cosmetology school.

In Bellingham: For the Holidays

About Evergreen

In 1975, Thi Trieu, an elementary school teacher from Vietnam, left her home country as a refugee. She started working in America as a janitor but found that this wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to determine her own destiny. This led to Mama Thi moving into the beauty industry and opening her first salon in 1980.

Though Mama Thi was successful in running her two salons, she still had a desire to teach. In 1996, she purchased a local beauty school named Evergreen – the same school she used to clean when she was just a janitor. Nowadays, Evergreen Beauty College is more than just a school. It’s a hub of knowledge where you can go to move into the cosmetology field yourself, setting up a lifelong career path for you.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • I am thrilled to see the impact and the graduates we will have in the Whatcom County area! I will forever be grateful for the Trieu family, the Evergreen staff and the impact they’ve had on my life…

    - Jen D. read full testimonial
  • Johanna-Stromberg testimonial

    I am very thankful I chose to study cosmetology through Evergreen. Having interacted with many professionals in this industry, I know I have received an excellent education …

    - Johanna S. read full testimonial
  • Jackie Deeter testimonial.

    The staff are amazing and can’t wait to see the future professionals this school can bring to the industry at the new location…

    - Jackie D. read full testimonial
Frequently Asked Questions About the Bellingham Campus
Cosmetology school can be a great option for many people. Is the Bellingham campus the right school to teach you about cosmetology?

The Bellingham campus offers 3 programs: cosmetology, hair design, and esthetics.

Although there are similarities between the programs, there are also unique differences that will prepare you for different careers after you graduate. Read more about each program and talk to an Evergreen Beauty College admissions expert to decide which program is right for you.

For many people, college doesn’t seem achievable because of the cost. If you’re one of these people, no need to worry. Evergreen Beauty College offers many different financial aid options for those who qualify, that can help you pay for your education.

Evergreen Beauty College understands that many people have preexisting commitments that they can’t just drop when they sign up for cosmetology school. That’s why every campus offers flexible scheduling opportunities to suit your unique needs. A team member can help you get more information about flexible scheduling at the Bellingham campus.

You’ll have to weigh a variety of elements to determine which campus will be the right one for your cosmetology education. Getting all the necessary information is one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for success. You can schedule a virtual tour today to learn more about whether the Bellingham campus is the right fit for you.

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Enjoy Salon & Spa Services From Our Students

Do you want to experience salon and spa services? If so, you can visit the Evergreen Bellingham campus to experience these great services. From the moment you show up at the reception counter, you can be sure that our students will care for you. With a full complement of salon services available, each performed under the guidance of a licensed professional, you can sit back and enjoy a spa experience. Plus, this arrangement doesn’t just benefit you. It also helps students get hands-on experience.

If this is your first experience at an Evergreen Beauty College salon, please read “The Evergreen Experience” below to understand expectations at these salons.

* Students perform all services under the supervision of a licensed professional. The latest appointment times may vary depending on the service. Services at our student salons will take longer than services at a professional salon because students are still developing skills and may need to consult with educators.

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Mon – Fri ~ 9:00am – 5:00pm


Mon – Fri ~ 9:00am – 5:00pm

The Evergreen Experience

We want to share with you what are some areas that you can expect during your service:


You will be serviced by a student. At Evergreen, we refer to them as a ‘future professional’ as they are preparing for their new career as a licensed service provider. Because the future professionals are learning, services may take a little more time than at a traditional salon or spa. They truly appreciate you because you are preparing them for the industry.


We have an educational team of licensed professionals that are here to support our future professionals. You will meet them at the beginning of the service, at least once during your service, and at the end of your service as they coach the future professional. If there is anything you may need, please let them know, or ask your future professional to get their educator.

Guest Services:

Our guest service team supports the operations of our student salon and spa. They have three types of customers; the future professionals, the educational team, and you! They will assist in setting up your next appointment, make confirmation calls and inform you about your specials. 

At the end of the service, our Guest Service Team will be asking you for feedback on your service; please be honest and don’t be afraid to hurt our feelings if there were things that didn’t meet your expectations. This is a learning institution and this feedback, good or bad, is a crucial part of our future professional’s education and can foster their future success. If it was a great experience, our future professionals would truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with others.

Thank you again for your support of our future professionals and their future careers!