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About Evergreen

Evergreen voted top 100 best companies to work for 5 years in a row


Something remarkable happens when you become a staff member at Evergreen Beauty College. You don’t just build a student’s skill. You build their confidence. You build their worth. And you help to build their very lives.

EBC is an award winning college looking to grow!

For 5 years in row, Seattle Business Magazine has ranked us as the “Top 100 Companies to Work For”! We care about our employees, and it’s clear that they care about one another. Our colleges were also chosen as National Finalists for Excellence in Education by Modern Salon Magazine (2012 – 2017) because our team is good at what we do and we are committed to continuous improvement! We take pride in what we do and are looking for others that share the same passion. Read here to learn the four reasons why YOU should work for Evergreen!


Our Employee Process

  • We are direct. Once you start the interview process, we’ll let you know where you are in the process.  We believe a quick ‘no’ is better than a lingering ‘maybe’ and promise to keep communication open.
  • Our interviews are multi-rounds! We recognize as much as we are interviewing you, you are also interviewing us! We believe in long term relationships and want to make sure it’s a good fit on both sides.  Often times, the owners of the college will be in interviews, so they can get to know you and for you to get to know them.
  • Culture is Key! We are looking for people that share the same values of growth and excellence, belief in our mission, and creating a rewarding work environment.   We won the Community Impact Award for the Seattle region and am looking for team members that understand how important it is to build community, within and outside our college campuses
  • Our goal is train you for your next position, and hopefully it’s still with us!   We promote within; the majority of our leadership team are promoted within the company.

If you are interested in applying, we would love to meet you!  Please submit your resume on this page or to any of our campuses. Please have it addressed to Maria Tucker, Talent Manager.

2020 Painted Picture – Where Are We Heading?

Are you wanting to head in the same direction as us? Evergreen Beauty College’s focus is on YOU.  It is simple and clear why our organization exist and why our employees do what they do: to build their lives through building the lives of their students. Take a sneak peak if you want to see whether you want to join us on our adventure for the next few years by seeing the vision our owners have laid out for us to build by the year 2020 in our Painted Picture.

The beauty professions are not normally the first careers that are talked about or recommended for kids growing up. And that is a problem. Changing this perception is what our team works on every day. We do this through shaping the lives of our students before, during and after they graduate to be successful business human beings so others find a profession in beauty to be more respected and sought after.

How Do We Behave?

We behave by leading by example and not afraid to roll up our sleeves. Our Directors are models to our staff, and our staff are models to our students. Our students are models to our clients and prospective students. We own our failures and share credit for success. Finally, we are always working towards mastery in our personal development.

What Do We Do?

We create a home that challenges each person to be the best version of themselves. We help people create the type of life that they can be proud of. Our ministry is to help people understand who they really are, and who they can become as professionals in the beauty industry.

The Excitement of a Salon/Spa Plus Generous Benefits

Our team at EBC enjoy the fun of being in a salon/spa, but also find regular hours, competitive salary, and insurance benefits. We want our team to use the benefits that we offer.

  • Comprehensive Benefit Offering
  • Health Insurance (Medical & Vision)
  • Health club membership/Wellness benefits
  • Paid vacations
  • Local and national training opportunities
  • Supporting local community charities
  • Retirement Contributions and Employee Matching Programs
  • Professional Product Discounts
  • 5 Year Personal Development Program
  • Monthly 1:1 Meetings with Manager
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Tuition reimbursement programs (Educators)
  • Certification of Business & Personal Development Training (Nuts & Bolts)
  • Working in supportive team and innovative atmosphere
  • Other fun surprises!!! Just look at our facebook page!

What Our Employees Say

“Having been in the business for over 30 years as a stylist, salon owner and educator, I feel that my biggest professional growth has been in my last 5 years with Evergreen.   They truly invest in their employees; professionally, financially and personally.    They have flown me across the country for training, brought in national and international educators to train us, and have gone above what other employers have done to support their staff. I love working here because the owners have very high standards for us as a team, but even higher standards of themselves.”   ~ Diane D., Educator

“It’s been nearly 7 years since I have been here.   The support and encouragement for growth is something I could never find anywhere else! Everyday I come into Evergreen it brings me so much joy to be involved with so many different people with the same passion. I could not imagine being anywhere else.” ~ Lauren G., Campus Director

 “I think the biggest thing that makes Evergreen stand out amongst the other places I have worked, is how much they challenge you to grow and change. Evergreen really does care. I believe they understand that if they take care of their employees, their employees will take care of them in return. I believe in this so much that I drive over 2 hours each day to get to work.”  ~ Jenna T., Financial Counselor

“I started at Evergreen as a student in 2009 and then later joined the Evergreen Team.  Having been a licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist and Spa manager,  I wanted to find a place that shared my same values.   The Evergreen difference when it comes to employment is that our employers really care about our well being. We are not just an employee and this is not just a job. We work together to make a difference in the lives of others. I know that I can go to any one of them for advice and support. They are also honest because to improve yourself in your career, you need to have someone to care enough to point out what we can improve on when needed and what we are great at as well.”  ~  Maria T., Talent Manager

* Evergreen Beauty College is a drug free & financial responsible company. All employees agree to a drug test prior to employment. In addition, employees are in good standing of students loans. This is who we are and the people we surround ourselves with. Benefits displayed on this page may be updated or adjusted. Please inquire for our most updated benefit offering.