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Welcome to the Olympia Campus! Our mission is to provide each student with everything they need to thrive in school and develop valuable skills they will use as a hair stylist or esthetician... read more

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Evergreen Beauty College Olympia

Welcome to the Olympia Campus! Our mission is to provide each student with everything they need to thrive in school and develop valuable skills they will use as a hair stylist or esthetician. We offer cosmetology and an esthetics program equipped with an on-campus salon operated by students. At Evergreen Beauty College, students are empowered through our beauty industry education and broad curriculum. Contact us today to schedule a tour and meet our staff and students.

Why Olympia?

Evergreen students who attend classes on the state capitol’s campus can enjoy convenient access to the downtown waterfront and Olympia’s Farmers Market, all less than three miles away from campus. Just across Capitol Lake, students can make their way to Water Street for a self-guided public art tour boasting murals from local artists. Discover all the nearby amenities the Olympia campus offers when you’re not taking classes with some of the most supportive and experienced instructors in Olympia.

About Evergreen

Before Thi Trieu owned Evergreen Beauty College, she worked as a teacher in Vietnam. In 1996, after traveling to America, she purchased a local beauty school where she once acted as a custodian––that school was Evergreen Beauty College. Over the years, Evergreen has expanded into an esteemed institution with numerous campuses based in Washington state. Thi and her family created a one-of-a-kind, supportive atmosphere where students will learn to become technicians and professional artists of their craft.  

What Our Students Say

  • I felt completely comfortable talking to any of the staff members about any concerns I may have had, and even enjoyed sharing laughs and stories in our free time. I truly woke up every morning excited to go to school.

    - Emily S. read full testimonial
  • brianna gutierrez

    I cannot explain how glad I was to choose Evergreen Beauty College. They have always been there for me, always supporting me. They showed me the way to be a great artist.

    - Brianna G. read full testimonial
  • Bekah S.

    The educators will go above and beyond for you while teaching you the years of knowledge they have acquired.

    - Bekah S. read full testimonial
Frequently Asked Questions About the Olympia Campus
If you’re thinking about cosmetology school, you’re not alone. Could the Evergreen Beauty College Olympia campus be right for you?

The Olympia campus offers two programs: cosmetology and esthetics. There are unique differences that will prepare you for specialized careers in cosmetology and esthetics. Read more about each program and talk to an Evergreen Beauty College admissions expert to decide which program is right for you.

Yes! Speak to one of our financial aid advisors to see which type of financial aid you qualify for. We also offer a payment plan.

We offer full-time programs for those wanting to immerse themselves in classes while graduating in 10 months or less. We also offer a part-time program for students who wish to optimize their time and manage a work-life balance, allowing them to complete school in just over a year. Get more info today!

Our campuses offer equally comprehensive programs with stellar instructors who aim to give each student individualized support and hands-on training. If you want to focus on esthetics or cosmetology, Olympia is the right place for you. Some of our other campuses offer barbering, nail tech, and instructor training programs.

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Student Salon & Spa

Are you looking for salon and spa services? Visit the Evergreen Olympia campus to experience a wide range of services. Our salon services are performed by students guided by instructors and licensed professionals. You can get discounted prices on quality services and help students gain valuable hands-on training. 

*All services are performed under the supervision of a licensed professional. Last appointment times may vary depending on service. Services will take longer than professionals because they are students who are still developing their skills and need to consult each step with their educator.

Book a salon or spa service in any of our other campuses:

Book a Spa Appointment

Salon Hours

Mon – Fri ~ 9:00am – 5:00pm

Spa Hours

Mon – Fri ~ 9:00am – 5:00pm

The Evergreen Experience

We want to share with you what are some areas that you can expect during your service:


You will be serviced by a student. At Evergreen, we refer to them as a ‘future professional’ as they are preparing for their new career as a licensed service provider. Because the future professionals are learning, services may take a little more time than at a traditional salon or spa. They truly appreciate you because you are preparing them for the industry.


We have an educational team of licensed professionals that are here to support our future professionals. You will meet them at the beginning of the service, at least once during your service, and at the end of your service as they coach the future professional. If there is anything you may need, please let them know, or ask your future professional to get their educator.

Guest Services:

Our guest service team supports the operations of our student salon and spa. They have three types of customers; the future professionals, the educational team, and you! They will assist in setting up your next appointment, make confirmation calls and inform you about your specials. 

At the end of the service, our Guest Service Team will be asking you for feedback on your service; please be honest and don’t be afraid to hurt our feelings if there were things that didn’t meet your expectations. This is a learning institution and this feedback, good or bad, is a crucial part of our future professional’s education and can foster their future success. If it was a great experience, our future professionals would truly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with others.

Thank you again for your support of our future professionals and their future careers!