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Train for Your Career at our Renton Beauty School Campus

If you are looking for a way to have a professional career that you are passionate about, we can show you how to do it.

The beauty industry in America is growing, and Evergreen Beauty College is dedicated to helping students learn what they need in order to have a successful and rewarding career in the beauty industry.

Passionate and creative students come to Evergreen’s Renton Campus to take advantage of the teaching and brand new facilities.

We are known for our close-knit family environment and for providing future professionals the tools to be successful once they graduate.

Graduates of Evergreen Beauty College in Renton can go on to become competent and confident professionals and business owners with a competitive edge in this growing industry.

Evergreen Beauty College has a newly built campus in Renton, where students can gain the knowledge and practical experience that will set them up for success.

As well as offering quality education and hands-on experience, we also have excellent facilities.

Our new campus in Renton includes a Vichy shower for body treatments (for estheticians), and a salon where students can have supervised practice on members of the public.

Student Reviews

I am a recent esthetics graduate of Evergreen Beauty College and I am so glad I picked Evergreen to attend school. I didn't looked around too much, I've toured a few other schools and called around but when I went into Evergreen I knew it was home. I basically signed up the day I toured the school. I attended the new Renton location and I am in love with the new spa! They really paid attention to every last detail to make sure their students and guests have the best experience possible. The owners, teachers and staff members really are a family and create that atmosphere everywhere they go. My school experience was great. I learned everything I need to know for my real world spa job and than some. I got different opinions and styles from different educators and made some great friends along the way! But my favorite part was I got to be a part of a family that wants to bring positivity into its community. I was apart of the "Mommy and Me" event to honor moms for Mother's Day. We made connections with gym next door and raffled off facials. I learned how to share my passion with people around me in a whole new way and that is something that will stick with me for life. So if you're interested in the beauty industry I suggest you check out Evergreen and if you're in need of pampering yourself I suggest the same thing! The students are well trained and there is always a licensed educator around to make sure you have the best experience possible.

- Olivia S.

It took me one year to decide that I wanted to go to school. It took me one visit to Evergreen Beauty to decide that this was the school for me. Not only is the school clean and professional, but it also provides a support system for each student in each program that is unmatched by some of its competitors. During my time at Evergreen I grew as a person and an Esthetician in a way that I cant say I would have anywhere else. I received an education and training on advanced treatments that gave me the confidence and skills to be successful. At Evergreen you are not a student, you are a future professional and that is exactly how I was treated. The spa environment was one that showed me what it would be like working in a real spa.I was also shown how the business side of the beauty industry through the Nuts and Bolts class, which was extremely enlightening. I loved that Evergreen also provided opportunities for further education through classes and guest speakers. All in all, Evergreen helped me to become a well rounded person. Not only do I feel confident in my knowledge, my skills, and my ability to build life long relationships with my clients, but also in the fact that Evergreen is behind me rooting for me as I pursue my passion in the real world. I would DEFINITELY recommend this school if you want to succeed.

- Shemika R.

When you come to EBC, you don’t just learn how to cut and color hair, you learn to understand what employers are looking for. Evergreen has been my home for the last year and this community has taught me self responsibility where I am actually finishing something I am starting for the first time. The personal development I have received has developed not just my technical skills in cosmetology but the ‘whole’ me. I’ve learned to approach my training to develop what employers want, the business side of things, the communication, image, social media and building a following base and what it means to give my talents back to my local community. I thought I signed up how to learn a new skills and I am leaving to begin a career in the beauty industry with the most amazing mentors and friends. Thank you Evergreen!

- Megan S.

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Evergreen Graduates Can Have a Competitive Edge

Evergreen graduates can have a competitive edge in the job market not only when compared to other school graduates, but compared to those who have been in the industry for 4-5 years.

Unlike other beauty schools, Evergreen prides itself on being a Nuts and Bolts Business Training member school which strives for excellence in real world business training.

Evergreen graduates can attain knowledge that other beauty professionals will only attain through years of practical experience.

Due to its highly successful programs and graduates, the school has garnered many awards and acknowledgements, including consistent yearly top-3 placements in the International Business Student of the Year Competition in Long Beach, CA.

Enjoy Discount Salon/Spa Services From Renton Students

The public is invited to Evergreen’s Renton campus to enjoy salon/spa services from our students at an amazing price. Our salon sessions are supervised by licensed professionals performed by future professionals who have a creative flair.

Hair – Whether you’re looking for a trim or a transformation, we invite you to come and enjoy your service in our professional student salon.

Skin – We invite you to relax, revive and rejuvenate your skin while experiencing five-star customer service in our luxurious student spa.

To schedule a salon or spa services, call Guest Services at (425) 243 – 3272

Come visit us and take advantage of the passion and creativity of our students and teachers.

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Evergreen Beauty College

Passionate and creative students come to Evergreen’s Renton Campus to take advantage of the teaching and brand new facilities. Graduates of Evergreen Beauty College in Renton can go on to become competent and confident professionals and business owners with a competitive edge in this growing industry.

1222 Bronson Way North
Renton, WA 98057(425) 243-3272Hours:
Monday – Saturday
10:30a – 6:00p