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Begin Your Journey to Becoming a Beauty Professional at Our Yakima Campus

Join the Evergreen Family

At Evergreen Beauty College we think of our students as family. Our educators and staff are here because they want to help you become a successful beauty professional.

Come learn from qualified industry leaders, and let them help you overcome roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving your dream of building a career in the beauty industry.

If you’re ready to follow your destiny of becoming a beauty professional, our admissions team can help you create a plan and get your started on your journey.

Build Skills That Will Help You in Your Beauty Career
You can learn in an environment that encourages creativity and professionalism at our Yakima campus.

The curriculum at Evergreen is designed to help students to learn the skills necessary to perform services and the professionalism to become beauty industry leaders.

You can get practical experience in our clean facilities to help prepare you to pursue the career path that you have been dreaming of.

At our in-house salon, students can learn their craft through supervised practice on members of the public.

Student Reviews

Evergreen helped me in sooooo many ways. This place is way more than a school, it is also like a family. All my educators were there to help and give me advice that I still use today. The Trieu Family are amazing people. When I lost my uncle they prayed for me and that made me feel so loved and I appreciate them all so very much. From the time they spend with us, to the great education videos Mr. Joe and Mr. Frank made. I found a school where I met amazing women that share the same passion I’m thankful to know. You all have played a huge role in my career and life. Some days were hard but you all never let me give up. Thank you soooo much for everything. I’ll be back for the instructor program in the fall! #evergreenalumni”

- Des R.

I honestly cannot even begin to express how loved and respected I have felt by my friends and teachers at school. They didn’t HAVE to take time out of their day to stop and make me talk to them, they didn’t have to hug me (siiiiigh), but they all did willingly, almost forcibly. True, for those who know me. Lol. The fact is, this school has given me more than teaching and a career, they have given me appreciation, love, respect, friendship…and in ways I never knew I needed. I am humbled and thankful for all. #evergreenbeauty #futureprofessional #bestever

- Tiffany M.

It is the best place to go to school! Honesty the staff is what makes it perfect. You guys stand in unity, you are fun, they are not only staff but family, and always willing to support us however we need. That in itself is a whole award. I am so grateful to have my Evergreen family! #iAppreciateYou

- Amanda C.

EBC has supported me through a difficult year. The staff and educators have talked with me, provided me with the resources and helped me find work. I feel more capable of working in a professional salon environment with their help. I’ve also made some incredible friends that I consider to be part of my support network. And while my work is by no means perfect, I feel confident that I’ll find a salon I fit in with love. I can take cosmetology with me wherever I end up going.

- Ashley F.

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Learn the Business of Beauty

Evergreen is a Nuts and Bolts Business Training member school, which means students can learn about the business side of being a beauty professional in addition to technical skills.

When you graduate you can have the skills and business knowledge that employers look for in new hires, or you can use your education to start your own beauty business.

With training from Evergreen you can set yourself apart from the competition by learning about business essentials such as marketing, clientele management, and business strategy.

Gain Real, Practical, Hands-On Experience in the Evergreen Salon

Evergreen students get to work in our salon and can gain experience providing services to real clients. The time students spend in our student salon is to help students learn what it is like to work in a salon and to help them get comfortable working with clients and providing great customer service. Services performed by students are done under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Salon/Spa services are available Mon – Fri from 8:30am – 5:00pm
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