10 Unique Hairstyles on Pop Stars

Celebrity hairstyles are great to look at and are considered as the cutting edge of what’s new and trendy. As an up-and-coming hairstylist, latest celebrity hairstyles can be a useful source of inspiration when you want to give your client a hair makeover. Below are 10 unique celebrity hairstyles you can try out.

Bold Curly Hair

Curly hair is sassy, fun and exudes a warm personality, add some bold color and this changes the whole look. A bold color like red exudes dynamism, love and aggression. Celebrities like Rihanna stood out from the crowd in a red, curly hairstyle.

As a hairstylist, this hairstyle enables you to work with different textures and color.

Pixie Cut

A carefully cut short hairstyle can reveal that a person is artistic and wants to express herself through her hair. A pixie cut is a youthful, modern hairstyle that enhances a beautiful bone structure. Miley Cyrus has rocked a sleeked back pixie crop to various red carpet events. By using different textures, the Miley has been able to achieve different looks.

Side-shaved Look

A side shaved look is edgy and worn by natural and relaxed women. This unique hairstyle looks different on everyone who wears it. Actress Rosario Dawson rocked a shaved side at the opening of her latest project, ‘The Captive’ at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. This hairstyle allows you to work with different textures and haircuts.

Starlet Waves

Designer and lifestyle guru, Lauren Conrad, is famous for rocking this hairstyle. She wore her hair in soft, curled long blonde waves in hues ranging from pink, blue and purple. Adding color makes drab looking hair fabulous. Depending on the hair’s density, length and texture, a hairstylist can work with different colors to create different looks.

Chic Bob

A chic bob is edgy, youthful and classy. This hairstyle has caused a frenzy with many women trying to wear their hair to resemble different celebrities.

One of the celebrities who has been successful at pulling off this hairstyle is Victoria Beckham. She’s been spotted in her new long bob, which is edgy and stylish.

Messy Up Do

A messy up do is a casual classic look, which has been rocked by most celebrities. This hairstyle works best on women with long, fine hair. It was worn by Elizabeth Banks at the East Harlem Target opening. This hairstyle enables you to work with different hair textures and lengths.

High Rise Bun

This hairstyle is classy, fun and has been rocked by many celebrities on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez wore this hairstyle on American Idol and at the London Premier of the ‘Back-up Plan.’

Braided Hairstyle

The braided hairstyle can be worn in different forms; it can be done in a side plait or a high fishtail. A messy braided hairstyle is a casual look, which has been spotted on many celebrities. Hannah Cornett sported this hairstyle during the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles.

Afro Up Do

This is Janelle Monae’s signature hairstyle; her forward facing up do has also contributed to her popularity. A hairstylist can work with different textures to achieve this style.

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Great job. this blog is very helpful to understand hairstyles.

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Suzette R. Kenna
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