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Find The Right Hair Design or Barber School Program For You

What’s The Difference Between Hair Design and Barber School? Working in the beauty industry can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and with new beauty techniques and trends emerging every year, there is always room for a fresh perspective from new professionals. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, you…

What Could Be Your Cosmetology Specialty?

There are many cosmetology specialties out there, but many people don’t know about them. When you enter cosmetology school, you might just assume you’re studying to become a cosmetologist. Although this is definitely true, it’s also a good idea to look at specialties and see whether you want to work toward one of them. If…

What to Look for When Touring a Beauty School Campus

Once you’ve found a beauty school you’re interested in, the next step is often to take a tour of the beauty school in question. Taking a tour allows you to get more information about the beauty school and see more about the school itself. However, you also need to know what you should pay attention…

Cosmetology Vocational Schools—Are They a Good Investment?

College can be a daunting prospect to delve into. We’ve all heard the tales of people burdened with student debt and still being unable to find a job with their advanced degree. Fortunately, cosmetology vocational schools are different. If you’re interested in a career in beauty, an education at a good cosmetology vocational school can…

Is Cosmetology School a Trade School?

If you’re considering a career in cosmetology, you’ve probably begun researching what you need to know to pursue that career. It’s true that there are many things to learn before you can become a cosmetologist, but an important thing to learn is that cosmetology is essentially a trade, which means cosmetology school is a trade…

Could You Become a Licensed Barber Online?

There are many different ways to become a cosmetologist. Barbering is a subset of cosmetology that centers largely around masculine styles. As a barber, you may do styles on men and women who are looking for an explicitly masculine cut. If you’re thinking about becoming a barber, you might wonder whether there’s any chance to…

Men’s Hairstyles to Try for the Winter Months

When it comes to hairstyling, there are a number of opportunities available for all different style interests and preferences. Different hairstyles may look better on certain people than on others, and it’s crucial that you get a look at all sorts of hairstyles before you choose which one you might want for your own style….

Our 5 Favorite Boutiques in North Seattle

Whether you’re downtown or heading north, check out our five favorite boutiques in North Seattle! We’ve covered everything from local to international apparel, handmade jewelry, and the best vintage finds so you can be confident at all your upcoming events.

Be Evergreen: Why Cosmetologists Love Their Jobs

When you ask a cosmetologist what they love about their jobs, they often talk about what they can do for other people, as well as how they can express themselves. Part of the reason we love working in the beauty industry is because we have the chance to “Be Evergreen” every single day.