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Cosmetology Student Success Story: Cierra Phillips

“Before deciding to become a cosmetologist, I was headed towards a career in entertainment. I love singing, dancing, and making people laugh. After studying music and audio production in college, I realized I wasn’t as passionate as I thought I was. That’s when I started thinking about a different path. All aspects of beauty have always interested me, which is why I ended up enrolling into beauty school…”

Accredited Beauty Schools: Why They Can Be a Good Fit for You

Why an Accredited Beauty School is a Good Idea Anyone serious about starting a career in cosmetology should attend an accredited school. That’s because these schools provide students with a high-quality and consistent education that will take them much further as they advance in their careers. When beauty school students earn a respectable degree from…

Cosmetology Student Success Story: Madisen Hansen

“Before I enrolled in EBC I was looking for my path. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was laid off from my job (just like so many others) and it crushed me. I was lost, and didn’t know what road to take. Then my roommate at the time suggested cosmetology school, and a few weeks later I was enrolled. I can’t believe that one of the worst things to happen in my professional life could turn into the most amazing career I could ever imagine.”

Nail Technology Student Success Story: Celena Xiong

“I was an infant teacher for 3 years. I have always loved caring for people and wearing my heart on my sleeve. Although I have lots of love caring for and teaching young children, I decided to close my chapter for my early childhood education career and move on to grow elsewhere.” I wasn’t happy with my day to day job and just felt like I didn’t belong. I wanted and craved for something new and different but also wanted something I could look forward to. I wanted to be in a positive environment to thrive and blossom.”

Let the Sunshine in!! Enjoy the seasons without skin damage

Let the Sunshine in! Enjoy the Seasons Without Skin Damage After a year of quarantine, seclusion and virtual relationships, getting outside in 2021 and enjoying the spring and summer seasons is especially appealing. The sun is shining, the flowers are growing, and the birds are inviting you out to enjoy the fresh air. Our experts…

Opportunities for Advancement in Cosmetology

If you are thinking about a career in cosmetology but aren’t sure because you feel there is no room for advancement, think again. There are plenty of advancement opportunities available for hairstylists and makeup artists. You can open your very own salon or specialize in a specific area of cosmetology, such as esthetics. After you…

Should I Enroll in Cosmetology School or a Four-Year College?

Hairstylists and makeup artists require a specific talent to be successful in their careers. If styling hair or applying makeup has always come naturally to you, going to cosmetology school after graduating from high school may seem like an obvious choice. However, as you listen to your friends talk about preparing for college and deciding…