20 Fun French Manicures

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The recent rise of French manicures is now enjoying a more versatile, vibrant, and bold comeback. In the 90s, people would adorn their nails with feminine-looking white-tipped polish and peachy pink glossy nails. While the natural look of the original French manicure was very stylized, the reinvention is instantly recognizable, less demure, and more youthful, offering a rainbow of colors and a myriad of designs to choose from.

Here are 20 of our Favorite French Manicures


The defining feature of the classic french manicure is the pure white tips with the rest of the nail painted clear or pink. 

classic french manicure

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On the opposite end of the traditional French manicure spectrum is the vampy rendition, which involves burgundy nail polish and black french tips. This sultry look is great for fall and winter. 

Neon Matte

Brighten your nail tips with neon colors and dull the shine with a matte polish to create an attractive and unique Neon Matte Mani. The neon colors will shine bright through a smooth finish.

Two-sided Rainbow

To achieve the Two-Sided Rainbow manicure, paint a different color on each nail tip and do an inverse tip above the cuticle for a complete inverse, rainbow-colored French manicure. 

Dainty Black Tips

Paint a thin black line on each tip over clear polish using a fine brush. The fine black line will offset the daintiness of the original style while still appearing minimalist and chic. 

 pastel and black manicure

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Gold Foil Tips

If you have an artistic flair and a lot of patience, you can attempt to apply your gold foil tips. Otherwise, a professional nail artist can apply these eye-catching golden tips paired with pink nail beds. 

gold foil nail tips

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Pastel French Tips

Pastel tips can be understated. But to make them look more appealing, apply a different pastel tip on each nail for a sugary and soft multi-colored mani.

Neon French Tips

Neon French tips are perfect for summer. Add a bright neon Fuschia to the tips and a clear polish beneath for a fun and colorful contrast. 

Squared Off French Tip Nails

Apart from the round and almond-shaped nails, square-shaped french tips are becoming more popular. Switch the color of the conventional white tips with green, blue, pink, or orange for a pop of color. 

Animal Print French Tips

If you opt for animal print, a leopard or jaguar print is a timeless pattern perfect for a spunky and feisty style any time of the year. 

Atomic French Manicure

Make a statement with bright atomic green tips juxtaposed with a light pink polish. Zhoosh the french green-tipped mani up with a sparkly gold accent line under the green tips.

Short, Round, Classic French Manicure

Go for a shorter, rounder version of the classic French manicure. If you find longer nails more challenging to maintain, this style might be the perfect fit for you. 

Electric Blue French Tips

Skip the bright, warm hues and opt for vivid, tranquil-looking electric blue tips. 

electric blue nail tips

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Ombre French Manicure

The French ombre manicure is a slow fade of pure white to pink from the tips to the cuticles. This French manicure is a silky, dreamy design best if left in the hands of a professional for a polished and perfect look. 

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Heart-Shaped French Manicure

The heart-shaped French manicure is cool and cutesy and a creative way to reimagine the French manicure. To add a bit extra, adorn the nail with a gold sequin.

Orange Creamsicle

The orange cream French manicure is a delicious color for squared-off tips, round tips, and ombre designs!

 orange and red french manicure


Glazed French Tips

Haily Beiber’s glazed donut nails have been trending. Think of glazed tips as a hazy and soft french manicure variant of the glazed donut nails. 

Angled French Tips

Get creative with the angled spin-off of the French manicure. The design involves a triangular shape covering the tips and finishing just above the cuticle on each side of the nail. 

The Reverse French Manicure

Turn the French manicure upside down by painting the curved strip on the opposite end of the nail tip, contouring around the nail. 

Glitter Tips

Get ready to disco with this bedazzled, glittery manicure. Perfect for adding holiday cheer to the look. 

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