5 Ways to Use Old Mannequin Heads for Halloween

mannequin heads wearing wigs
As a beauty student, you more than likely have a few practice doll heads. They may be made of foam, plastic, synthetics, or other random materials. Whatever kind of doll heads you have lying around, you probably want to get rid of them. Here are five DIY ideas on how to incorporate them into your Halloween festivities.

Light IT UP!

This project would work best with a plastic or other hard type of mannequin head, as foam wouldn’t do well with a light in it. First step, hollow that sucker out. Second step, add an electronic candle or wired light bulb to the inside, and proceed to watch visitors freak out about your decor.
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Jar It

First step, find a jar to fit your mannequin head. Second step, pull out any insides of the head or unnecessary pieces.
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Third, put it in a jar. Add some smaller doll heads, liquid, or other creepy things to the jar.

Make It Sweet

This may or may not scare the bejeebies out of some trick-or-treaters, but hollow out the head and serve candy out of it at the door. Or, place it on a platter or in a large bowl and surround it with candy.

Bust It

You can do this with Barbie doll heads or your practice mannequin, whichever you have. Turn the freaky head into an even freakier bust. Turn her into a zombie, vampire, statue, whatever suits your Halloween needs.

Put It on a Stick

Zombi-fy your doll head, put it on a stick, and stick it in your garden/lawn. This will give the illusion that she is crawling out of the ground. You can do with multiple doll heads to give your home a graveyard-feel. Add homemade headstones made out of foam to add a nice finishing touch.

Are you going to repurpose your old mannequin heads? Share your ideas and photos with us in the comments below!

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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