Accredited Cosmetology Schools: Shaking Up Learning Experiences

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Defining School Culture Based on Accreditation 

Accreditation from The National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) may seem like something that shouldn’t affect your selection regarding your cosmetology school, but it should. NACCAS only accredits schools that meet or exceed standard education requirements. Yes, this may sound boring, but it is very important to recognize accreditation when selecting your cosmetology school.

NACCAS implements standards that cover 10 different areas of higher/specialized education. Aside from a school providing fully qualified and instructional staff, proper administrative services, student support services, a thorough admissions process, and many other resources, NACCAS always searches for one common theme: a mission statement. An excerpt from NACCAS’ Standards & Criteria reads: “The institution has a published mission statement identifying the institution as providing career preparation. The institution assesses its performance as related to its stated objectives, summarizes the results of the assessment, and uses the assessment to maintain or improve institution performance.” (NACCAS’ Standards & Criteria, 7). 

In layman’s terms, NACCAS only considers schools for candidacy that exemplify a genuine interest in the success of its students and the maintenance of its school culture. Everyone wants to believe and trust in something or someone that stands for something noble, and NACCAS is no different. Under NACCAS supervision, Evergreen Beauty College has remained one of the most prestigious beauty schools for over 20 years. Evergreen’s credentials speak for themselves and speak on behalf of the culture they have cultivated over the years. At Evergreen Beauty College, we believe that If you’ve ever dreamed of a career in the beauty industry, we can turn that dream into a reality. That’s our mission statement.

Hairstylist training on a mannequin

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Turning Dreams Into Realities

Whether your interests lie within cosmetology, hair design or makeup artistry, Evergreen Beauty College is here to turn your dream into a reality. What makes us different isn’t simply our accreditation with NACCAS or our many other credentials/awards themselves, but our unique culture that has resulted in those merits. What makes our culture so unique is the fact that you can pursue your dreams within a supportive, family environment. The members of the Trieu family, the owners of Evergreen Beauty College, care deeply about the success of every one of their students. Like the owners, the Trieus wanted this sense of care to be exemplified throughout every aspect of Evergreen’s culture. We assure you, this is a difference you will feel and come to love. 

The Evergreen Beauty College Difference

We can harp on the many ways non-accredited schools are not held to the same standards in meeting the requirements that ensure student success, but we don’t believe in negativity. Negativity has no place at an accredited institution or in our school’s culture. Our end goal is not only to educate you in beauty techniques and skills but to help you discover the beauty you may not recognize within yourself. We believe in paying it forward. This belief is passed on through our student body and is indicative of the family-style culture we have grown so fond of at Evergreen Beauty College. 

Not only do we build careers in the beauty industry, but we also strive to build and develop young adults into contributing members of our society. We are guided by three distinct pillars: Believe, Belong and Become. We see the potential in every one of our students, and you’ll be welcomed into a family atmosphere composed of those who share your goals and will encourage you to follow your dreams and your heart. We want you to become the person you always knew you could be. It is this same burning passion that has been recognized by so many that has allowed us to garner so many credentials.

Don’t just take our word on how much of a difference accreditation makes. Do some research. Visit some non-accredited schools and then give us a visit. We promise: Anyone hoping to begin a career in the beauty industry will be happy they found us.

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