5 Must Read Cosmetology Magazines

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Between the glossy pages of cosmetology magazines lies a wealth of tips, tricks, knowledge and industry updates. Essentially, this is the best way for any cosmetologist to keep abreast of any new developments within the field. While your initial cosmetology course covered many of the things you may have needed to know up until that point, it is important to realize that the cosmetic industry is ever-changing.

We live in an age where technology assists in creating the most fabulous new products and treatments – and for any professional in this line of work, the newest trends are important to be aware of.

Are Cosmetic Industry Magazines Worth a Read?

There are hundreds of magazines dedicated to the beauty industry all the way from skincare to hair care and everything in between. Product reviews, technique guides, scientific reports…these are all a part of the world of beauty. The truth is that cosmetology is no soft career option. Fast-paced and exciting, any cosmetics job is best suited to the go-getters of the world.

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5 Fantastic Cosmetology Magazines

If you would like to keep yourself up-to-date with the newest developments in cosmetology, there are 5 must-read magazines that should be at your fingertips at all times:

Faze Magazine

Faze magazine is filled to the brim with the latest and greatest tidbits of the beauty industry. The featured articles between the pages of this little gem are always edgy and exciting and cover everything from celebrity interviews to styling guides. If you love reading product reviews, this is where you will be able to devour them in abundance.

Skin Inc. Magazine

Cosmetic wellness professionals are bound to find this magazine to be perfectly suited to their interests. Dermatologists, spa professionals, and skincare enthusiasts might have a tough time putting the magazine down. Skin Inc. focuses on market trends more than anything else, which makes it a great tool for any person who wants to keep their clients happy.

The Beauty Consultant Magazine

TBC Magazine is an all-encompassing example of what the cosmetic industry is all about. This is where any professionals will find no shortage of news snippets, product information, fashion updates and celebrity chit chat. Basically, this magazine has little bits of everything and therefore offers a good overview of what is happening in cosmetology at any given point in time.

Journal of the SCC

While this is less like a magazine and more like to a scientific journal, it’s the perfect bit of light reading for the discerning cosmetic chemist. This journal is proof of the fact that cosmetology is about so much more than a guide on how to apply eyeliner. All of the articles in this publication offer in-depth scientific research presented in a comprehensive and exciting manner.

Modern Salon

This publication is full of marketing related stories and information regarding the latest trends in salon and hair care products. Modern Salon provides stylists with some fabulous, trendsetting ideas and allows cosmetic chemists to daydream about potentially successful new products. This is one of those cosmetology magazines that can definitely hooks your attention quickly.

Do you love flipping through beauty and fashion magazines? If beauty is your passion, why not make a career out of it? Schedule a tour of one of our campuses to learn about the many programs we offer. You could start building a career in the industry you love today!

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violet johnson
violet johnson
3 years ago

trying to find a room or space to rent for esthetics with its own sink in room in willow glen or campbell

Frank - Beauty College Ambassador
Frank - Beauty College Ambassador
2 years ago
Reply to  violet johnson

Are you looking in Washington State?

2 years ago

Have a granddaughter who is interested in cosmetology. What would be good magazines to get subscriptions to for her? She just graduated from high school and will be starting college in the fall.

Frank - Beauty College Ambassador
Frank - Beauty College Ambassador
2 years ago
Reply to  Pat

Pat, I would recommend starting with https://www.modernsalon.com/ It’s a good industry magazine for people that want to join.