The Differences Between Barber School and Cosmetology School

differences between barbering and cosmetology

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As you start looking into different cosmetology options, you might wonder whether it’s best for you to pursue barber school or cosmetology school. For example, if you have an interest in barbering but you’ve also thought about providing general cosmetology services, you might wonder about the benefits of one versus the other. Here are the four unique things you’ll learn in barber school that you likely may not in cosmetology school.

1. Specific Knowledge of Barbering Styles

Cosmetology school/programs will teach you how to cut and style hair, same as barber school. However, barber school/program will give you specific knowledge of barbering styles that are popular among the people who will visit a barbershop. These styles may not be as popular among people who visit salons, which means a cosmetology program may not need to teach their students as much about them.

2. Information on Using Barbering Tools

The specific tools a barbershop uses may not typically be a part of the standard cosmetology curriculum. This typically includes the straight razor, which is one of the most traditional barbering tools out there, but many cosmetology programs are not allowed to use a straight razor in their teaching process.

Other barbering tools you’ll likely learn from a barber school and may not a cosmetology school include beard design, extensive usage of razors and clippers, and certain elements of the barber experience that your clients may expect from you. These tools are an important part of becoming a reputable barber.

3. More Specialized Knowledge

Cosmetology programs often teach a variety of skills, including some elements of makeup application, skin treatments and more. This is great if you need that large base of knowledge, but people who are hoping to become barbers may not need to know as many things as people who are hoping to become cosmetologists.

One of the benefits of barbering school is that people who visit a barbershop are going to have a certain style of cuts in mind, typically a very masculine cut. If you learn barbering, you’ll be able to focus more time on learning those specific cuts, whereas those who are learning cosmetology will need to learn a wider variety of styles.

4. Licensing Requirements

One of the most important elements of barbering versus cosmetology school has to do with the licensing requirements for each. The licensing requirements for barbering are different from the licensing requirements for cosmetology, and in most states, licensing requires that you go through the specific steps for your intended job.

If you want to make sure you have all the training and knowledge necessary to pass your licensing test, you might want to look into the Barbering program at Evergreen Beauty College. With this program, you’ll get the information about the art of barbering, as well as all the technical skills you need to pass your licensing test.


barber school vs. cosmetology school

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If you’re interested in getting a more generalized education in the field of cosmetology, a cosmetology program will likely be your best option. However, if barbering is where your heart lies, it’ll be much better for you to consider a barbering program.

The choice between barbering and cosmetology is all about what you’re interested in doing after completing the program and has nothing to do with how good you are at your job.


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