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It seems that many consumers today prefer to use green skin care products over drug- or chemical-based products in the market. One of the reasons involves the increasing awareness of the dangers of artificial products on the skin and its overall impact on the environment.

If you want a career in the beauty industry, it is essential to know the best nature-made beauty products and why they are deemed safer to use than their artificial counterparts.

Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products

Nature provides effective rejuvenating, cleansing, and anti-aging products. Some of the best examples include cucumber for skin toning, strawberry for cleansing, avocado and honey for dry skin. First, these products are eco-friendly. They are safe to use and do not have any negative side effects, unless the user has a specific food or herbal allergy.

Natural beauty products do not contain harsh chemicals that may irritate, damage, or dry the skin. While some people are allergic to naturally occurring compounds found in nature, this is usually a rare case. Many artificial ingredients, on the other hand, tend to have negative side effects on the skin.

Chemicals on artificial ingredients can easily pass through the skin pores and enter the blood stream, which can cause adverse reactions. Women, on average, apply around 200 different types of chemicals on their skins every day. While many of the products they use are approved by government agencies, they may produce immediate or long term side effects.

Examples of Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products are definitely much better to use because they do not contain preservatives. Parabens, for example, can be very disruptive to the functions of the endocrine system. These chemical preservatives emulate how hormones work, and can therefore affect overall health. Other great natural alternatives include:


Cucumber is a popular skin toner. Its juice can be applied on the skin using a cotton swab. The remaining juice can be refrigerated for future applications. It is usually used in many spa treatment centers, particularly in relaxing the eyes. Many commercial products also feature the use of cucumber enzymes.


Honey is another fantastic product naturally produced by bees. It can be used to rejuvenate the skin and cause it to become more radiant and smooth. When mixed with avocado, it can be used to treat dry skin.

Natural Scubs

Oats, ground coffee, and apricot can be used to exfoliate the skin. Instead of using artificial scrubs, consumers can use any of the three as body scrubs. For more information about other natural skin care products, visit this article.

Bottom Line

Skin care is an important aspect of health and hygiene. However, consumers should always be careful about what they apply on the largest organ of their body. If you want to become a beauty consultant or service provider who promotes the use of natural beauty products, you can get proper training from a respected esthetics school like Evergreen Beauty College.

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clarisonic Mia 2 orange
9 years ago

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daisy akuchi
daisy akuchi
4 years ago

Thanks for sharing article on Natural Skin care Products as all know they are chemical free and gives safe and permanent result, but one negative is we will not get instant result. if you do not have enough time you can try, but select the product which are harmless to skin.

Vivek Sahni
Vivek Sahni
4 years ago

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Zennat Sana
Zennat Sana
4 years ago

Really great article. Thanks for sharing such a useful article.

Chris Pederson
Chris Pederson
3 years ago

My skin is extremely sensitive to chemical products. It’s good to know that I can get natural beauty products too. I am trying to be more in touch with my feminine side so hopefully greener products can help with that.