How Can I Get Financing to Go to Cosmetology School

A cosmetology school can teach you the skills required to become a professional cosmetologist. Students who lack the funds to attend such a school will need to research their options for cosmetology school financing. The cost of cosmetology training will vary depending on your choice of school. You will need to research your options well in advance to find the program best suited for your situation.

Costs of Cosmetology School

When it comes to cosmetology training, no two schools are exactly the same. Even though training programs are quite similar, the difference in teachers will make each school unique in its own way. Cosmetology school costs also vary depending upon the school’s location, ownership, curriculum, etc.

Location And Tuition Fees

Cosmetology schools located in metropolitan cities generally cost more than those in rural areas. Hence a top cosmetology chain school in New York, for example, will be much more expensive to attend than a local family operated institute closer to where you live. The extent of your training will also affect its overall cost.

A comprehensive cosmetologist program that includes hair and skin care, nail care, makeup artistry, hair removal techniques, etc. may cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. The cost of specific individual programs, such as hair care or nail technology, will be considerably less.

Cosmetology School Financing

Cosmetology schools may be accredited or non-accredited institutions. If you opt for an accredited school, you are eligible to apply for Federal financial aid to finance your education. Federal aid can fall under the category of Federal grants, loans or work study programs.

In addition, prospective students can apply for a wide range of scholarships to finance their cosmetology training. Some examples of scholarships available to cosmetology trainees are NCEA Scholarship, Massage Magazine Scholarship, Sports Clip Scholarship and others.

Nonaccredited cosmetology schools also offer financial aid programs for their students in the form of grants, scholarships and personalized payment plans. However, most of the Federal aid is reserved for accredited institutions.

Financial Aid Programs From Cosmetology Schools

When researching cosmetology schools, students should inquire about their financial aid program. A qualified cosmetology institute should be able to provide some form of financial assistance to their students. In the event grants and scholarships are not available, the school should offer some type of payment plan to offset school costs and make it possible for you to attend.


Most forms of financial aid require that students meet qualifications for approval. Once you have determined that you qualify for financial assistance, you can take advantage of every opportunity to get the assistance you need. Financing for cosmetology school can make it possible for you to attend a higher end school or choose a more comprehensive program that can better prepare you for a more profitable career in this field.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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