How to become a Professional Cosmetologist

Being a professional cosmetologist could be a great long-term career option for someone that likes working with people, is interested in cosmetology, and has an entrepreneurial spirit.  Those that are thinking about becoming a cosmetologist will have to do several things in order to do it professionally and succeed in the field.


To become cosmetologist, one of the first things that you will have to do is get the right education.  To be a cosmetologist, you will need to be certified, which will normally require you to complete some formal education.  In order to get the education necessary, you will probably have to take a formal education program through a cosmetology school.  These programs typically last between 12 and 24 months, depending on whether you go full or part time.  These programs are typically quite flexible and can be taken at any time of the day, which allows most people to work while also going to school.

Start Working in a Salon as a Professional Cosmetologist

After you have completed the formal education program, the next step in becoming a cosmetologist is to start working in a salon.  Depending on the school that you go to, there could be many different networking events and career counseling options that will help you land your first job.  At your first job, you will learn how to deal with customers and will receive more employment training, which will help you better serve your clients.

Develop Client Lists

One of the most important parts of being a cosmetologist is being able to develop your own client base.  When you first start working as a cosmetologist, you will likely be meeting customers through walk-ins or those that are new to the salon.  By treating them well, you will end up receiving quite a bit of repeat business.  You could further develop a client list by contact friends and family members in an attempt to get them, and their friends to come in and use your services.  You may also benefit by marketing your services to get a deeper client base.

Professional Cosmetologist Continuing Education

In order to be a cosmetologist, you will also have to receive a good amount of continuing education.  This is typically required at the state-level, which will not renew your license if you do not receive enough continuing education hours.  The extra education seminars can also be beneficial as they will allow you to learn about new techniques and styles, which will make you a better cosmetologist.

In conclusion, being a cosmetologist could be a great career option for someone that is interested in cosmetology. We at evergreen beauty college can help you start your career as a cosmetologist. Contact us today and learn how to get started.

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