How to Become a Successful Freelance Makeup Artist


Anyone who loves make-up, beauty and dressing up thinks about becoming a make-up artist.

freelance makeup artistBeing a freelance makeup artist is one way to go from there. While this field is extremely competitive, there is room for the good. The first step a person should take is enrolling in beauty college.

Why Attending Beauty School is Important

Some women wonder why they need to attend beauty school. After all, they apply make-up every day, why should they pay to learn something they already know?

Students who are serious about becoming a make-up artist will need training from an accredited school. Listed below are some of the reasons why students need to attend school as opposed to looking for work without any training.

• Employers respect beauty graduates more than those without training.

• The course will teach industry tips and tricks that you may not learn otherwise. An example of this is when the school teaches students how to correct makeup mistakes without having to start from scratch.

• Applying makeup to another person is very different from when make-up artists apply it on themselves. Professionals need to know how to apply makeup to others safely and effectively.

• When a person puts on makeup they become accustomed to their own face shape and skin tone. Makeup artists need to work with all sorts of face shapes, colors and blemishes. They will get this experience by working on models in class.

• The makeup looks that are completed in class can be photographed and added to a student’s portfolio.

• Beauty schools teach students how to apply special effects makeup. This knowledge is essential to work in film or television.

How to Get Work as a Freelance Makeup Artist

Like many arts careers, working as a makeup artist is all about contacts. Freelance jobs are rarely advertised. Instead, employers hire people they already know or somebody recommended. If students are not prepared to be proactive with their job search, this is not the career for them.

The first opportunity graduates will have to make industry contacts is beauty school. The staff members are usually trained and experienced makeup artists. As such, they are likely to have contacts in film, television, beauty and fashion.

If a staff member believes in a talented student, they may recommend them for a job or internship. Graduates should stay in contact with their tutors and ask them regularly if they know of any job openings.

The other students in can also be useful. Some of these students will work at makeup counters while others will freelance. Staying in contact with these students will allow makeup artists to keep up to date with industry news and gossip.

New graduates may have to work for free while they build their portfolio. The best way to get free gigs is to contact local theater groups and schools. Makeup artists can gain experience by doing prom and wedding makeup for low rates.

Advertising is a key part of getting freelance work. Workers can promote their services by contacting companies directly or by placing advertisements. For example, makeup artists that specialize in weddings often place ads in wedding magazines.

Once a makeup artist has built up their portfolio and gained a good reputation, they will get steady work. But, nothing is certain when it comes to freelancing. Workers may find that they have busy periods and dry spells.

This means that they will have to manage their money wisely during tough times. Although this line of work is unpredictable, it’s rewarding if you’re passionate about beauty.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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