How to Layer Men’s Hair – Part 2

There are various ways on how to layer men’s hair, and having this skill is a great way to attract customers if you are a hairdresser. Contrary to popular opinion, layered hair actually goes way back before Justin Bieber. In fact, this hairstyle came into the forefront in the 60s and 70s during the emergence of the hippie generation. Layering hair is a nice way of updating a customer’s look. It creates a casual and fun aura, and it accentuates the shape of his face.

How to Layer Men’s Hair

To make sure you are cutting even layers of the hair, start off by combing the hair and parting it in the middle. This also gives you a good view of the frame of the face. Decide on how long the strands would be. Some men opt to have shorter cuts, with hair just on the level of the cheekbones. Others want to retain a fuller look, with hair swept to the side and hiding the ears.

The Best Approach

There are three tools that you would essentially use when layering men’s hair: comb, straight-edge scissor, and a thinning shear. Straight edge scissors are used for cutting straight lines of hair, whereas thinning shears are merely used to reduce volume.

Once you have combed and parted the hair in the middle, run your fingers through a small layer on the side and start cutting an inch from the tip. Then use the thinning shear to decrease volume based on the customer’s preference. Repeat the same process, one layer at a time, until you have covered all sides.

Use Your Fingers to Separate the Hair Into Sections

Using your fingers to separate the hair into sections is better than using a comb because it gives you a feel of how thick each layer should be. Pull the hair occasionally using your fingers to check if the customer is agreeable with the length. Ask him if he wishes to “clean” the neckline and if so, use a razor to gently shave and trim sprouts of hair around it.

Styling Tips

You can do so much with layered hair because it can be styled in many different ways. A messy layered look worn by many men goes with just about any type of outfit: tailored suits, beachwear, casual polo shirts, you name it. There’s also the edgy look with pointed ends that are heavily swept to one side. To maintain this style throughout the day, you can use strong styling gels that are available in just about every store.

The best thing about learning how to layer men’s hair is that it is always popular among hair enthusiasts and never goes out of style. We at Evergreen Beauty School offer various cosmetology courses as well as salon services. If you would like help with styling your hair, just pop into one of our salons and you will get that gorgeous look. Call us at (425) 243-3272 for more details.

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