Master Esthetician Student Success Story: Megan Streepy

Our Renton campus is excited to share the journey of one of their Master Esthetics students, Ms. Megan Streepy, and her successes so far as she is taking her schooling to the fullest.

About Megan Streepy

Ms. Megan was born and raised in Kent, Washington and right out of high school, Ms. Megan attended Ashmead College-School of Massage. With only a quarter left in her schooling, Megan began seeing signs of carpal tunnel and made the judgment call to not finish out her course. After some reflection, she realized massaging wasn’t the kind of clientele or the direction she could see herself doing anymore, which made the decision a lot easier to switch directions.

Currently Megan lives in Buckley with her husband of 9 years, in which they shares 3 beautiful daughters together. “I needed more land for mini goats,” Megan shares, as her house has become a mini farm with her 3 dogs and the 4 chickens. Megans kids are now old enough for her to take the time to focus on herself again and invest in her career. After years of research, and being drawn back into the industry Megan looked into EBC. It wasn’t a far commute, and even fit her financial situation and schedule. Now, with time on her hands, Megan went back and forth as to whether or not starting beauty school was the right decision, and in the end she made the call and decided to enroll.

getting laser removal

Laser Hair Reduction performed by Ms. Megan Streepy, a Master Esthetic student.

The Evergreen Experience

Prior to beauty school, Megan found interest in lashing; wanting to get ahead she ordered the product to start her practice, and hasn’t looked back. So far this has been an area of strength for her since starting school. Starting with classics and now tackling the advanced techniques by doing volume sets on her clients. “They get better with every set I do,” Megan shares as she admits that facials are still intimidating to her. Feeling that she needs more practice on facials, her clients are enjoying them so she feels like she must be doing something right though, and that with practice, that too shall become more comfortable.

Other than lashes, Laser Hair Reduction treatments and Chemical Peels are other services Megan enjoys practicing in school. “It has been extremely rewarding seeing return clients and witnessing the thinning process from the Lasers.  While lash extensions give an immediate reaction to how clients feel after they look in the mirror, it’s something else seeing the effects of a treatment you’ve recommended over a duration of time,” Megan states.

Ms. Megan has great enthusiasm when it comes to school. Learning all that she can, and applying it daily during all her services. “I want to leave school confident in all aspects in this industry, so much so that I am eager for every certification available to me,” Megan says. Having models come in while an educator is present has been most helpful to Ms. Megan so far during her schooling as she’s always looking for areas of growth. Taking that feedback on a positive note has given her a better understanding of areas to work on in order for her to master them. Megan shares, “With every service I make strides to ensure my clients are comfortable and that they’re leaving relaxed and happy.” If it wasn’t for the continuous growth along the way those components wouldn’t come as easily to her as they do currently.

close up look at eyelash extensions

A full set of eyelash extensions completed by Ms. Megan Streepy during her time at EBC.

The Next Step

Ms. Megan would love to eventually open up her own spa, but there are baby steps before then she knows she must take before successfully doing so.

After getting her license, Megan plans on working in a spa where she will be able to gain more experience, and confidence. Looking ahead, she looks forward to learning different product lines as well as how the business side works before venturing to that next big step of opening up her own place.

For upcoming future professionals, Megan advises them to keep busy. “Find a strong support system and use them to practice your services on,” Megan explains as she knows time is precious when it comes to learning a new craft. “Practice on your classmates until you feel confident. Even providing a treatment on a client you don’t know helps you to prepare for the real world,” Megan stated.

Ms. Megan Streepy is set to graduate this summer in July 2020, and if you are interested in continuing to follow Megan throughout the rest of her Master Esthetics program, you can check her out on Instagram: @esthetics_by_meganj. Congrats Ms. Megan!

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry take the Beauty Biz Readiness Quiz, you can also check out our programs or contact us at one of our five locations: Mount Vernon, Everett, North Seattle, Renton, and Yakima.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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