Should I enroll in a nail tech program?

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Once you commit to learning a trade in the beauty industry, it’s natural to have many questions. How can you become licensed? Which school should you enroll at? Which program are you most drawn to? As is often the case where you are creatively inclined, you might excel at various beauty industry skills. If you discover you have ambitions to hone your nail care skills, pursuing a career as a nail tech is the right path.

Choosing to study at a nail technician school

A nail technician is part artist and part technician. In a nail technician program, students undergo training to be a technician before excelling as nail artists. Some introductory studies include maintaining a clean and sanitary station and applying acrylic nails safely and adequately to avoid infections.

Most beauty schools offer cosmetology or esthetics programs. At Evergreen Beauty College, we offer a nail technician program so that students may specialize in their craft. There are many Evergreen Beauty Colleges throughout Washington State, all of which are supported by the NACCAS,  a nongovernmental agency that helps define the educational standards for cosmetology program studies.

When recent graduates apply to work at nail salons, the employers look at well-regulated schools with high standards in their curriculum. The NACCAS is widely recognized for its excellence.

The training program a student chooses will form their career path. For example, if a student decides to devote hours of training to a cosmetology program, it won’t limit the scope of their training to one trade. In cosmetology, students will learn hair care, skincare, makeup, and nail treatments. Conversely, if you want to pour yourself into nail service exclusively, you can enroll in a nail tech program where you will dedicate your studies to your true occupation, becoming a nail tech.

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What will students learn in nail technology programs?

Aspiring nail techs will find many testimonials vouching for a good nail tech school. At Evergreen, our nail technology course outline is divided into three phases. Students will first learn safety, anatomy, chemistry, infection control, and nail and skin physiology.

In the second-part course outline, students will learn client consultation, nail art, nail wraps, acrylics, paraffin, nail preparation, tip application, gels and soaking offs, hand and foot massages, and advanced technical skills.

In the third-part course outline, we provide state board prep, portfolio development, assistance with resume and cover letter writing, externships, and hands-on training in our on-campus student salon.

Preparation for the board exam and future careers

How does Evergreen prepare students for their board exams and a future career as a nail tech? We’re happy you asked! Our instructors guide students through step-by-step instruction and allow students the space to apply the techniques. We believe in helping students to think critically and be capable of problem-solving independently.

Once students begin achieving specialized techniques, we allow them to get hands-on training in a salon environment monitored by instructors. Students will offer clients services and learn techniques that will likely be on their practical exam.

Each phase of our training is designed to make students feel they belong in their field of study and to help them gain confidence to follow their dreams and realize a future career as a manicurist. Students will be autonomous and ready to register for their exams upon graduation.

Becoming a licensed nail technician

Once you pass your exam, you will earn a nail technician license to practice nail technology in a salon. It’s the student’s responsibility to register for their exam.

All nail professionals with a cosmetology or nail technician license are eligible to work in salons.

About Evergreen Beauty College

Tour our campus today and speak with our instructors, staff, and students to get a real sense of our campus. Our instructors are happy to speak with visitors between breaks. Aspiring students can also ask questions of current students to get their feedback on how they like the programs they are studying. After all, they were once prospective students and can empathize with incoming students.

Evergreen has seven campuses around Washington State, all close to amenities suitable to student life. Evergreen offers flexible schedules for online courses and gives personal attention to students. All of our campuses feel like a home away from home. We offer courses with flexible schedule options and financial assistance for qualifying students, including financial aid, loans, Pell Grants, and monthly payment options. Students can speak to our counselors during the campus tour to learn more.

FAQ: Should I enroll in a nail tech program?

Should I enroll in a nail course?

Yes. As nail technicians, students must understand the importance of sanitary practices to prevent infection and have the skills to implement first aid, if necessary. During the course of the program, students will experiment with various nail designs, develop consultation skills, and learn how to do all sorts of manicures properly.

What do you need to know before becoming a nail tech?

Before becoming a nail tech, consider if this profession will be a full-time career or a side hustle. Ask yourself what you plan to get out of the role to ensure your heart is in the right place and you can manage your expectations. Nail techs sit for long hours and have to maintain a safe space for clients and themselves.

Nail techs must use strong chemicals relatively frequently, so they must be careful when working with clients, wear masks, and protect themselves.

What is the most important rule of being a good nail technician?

An exceptional manicurist has the talent to listen to what a client wants and help them achieve their vision through creative thinking, patient application, and skills. Still, they also know how to prevent infection and protect themselves and their clients.

A manicurist can work small, creating innovative and classic designs that range from contemporary nail art to timeless, pink French manicures.

It’s also essential for a manicurist to inform clients how to soak off gel nails and maintain a manicure that lasts longer.

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Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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