Building Your Social Media Presence: A How-to Guide for Cosmetologists

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Whenever we enter the first quarter of the new year, there’s always a fresh harvest of beauty trends. Coming up with content ideas takes forethought and planning. Ideally, you want to be organized going into the new year. Formulating a media calendar that caters to beauty industry-related topics can help you stay on top of the content.

Getting Organized With a Content Calendar

First, create a list of ideas before you begin the calendar. Pre-writing a list will help you develop a more comprehensive outline leading to a foolproof calendar. What topics do you want to touch on or do deep dives on for your social media networks?

Pre-writing Your Outline for a Content Calendar

Consider including the following items on a list to help stir your creative juices and provide content inspiration for your content calendar:

  • Seasonal content topics
  • Holiday campaigns
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Influencers and beauty voices
  • Summer blog post ideas
  • Hashtag campaigns
  • Holiday and seasonal campaigns
  • Skincare products
  • Featured product
  • Content strategies
  • Social media post ideas
  • User-generated content
  • Instagram stories
  • Blog posts
  • Target audience
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Clean products
  • Industry events
  • Busy season
  • Email marketing

Once you’ve established your list of ideas, you can start researching and breathing life into your seasonal content. You’ll be prepared to package your campaigns on Instagram and beyond––share emails, post blogs, and host events.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Seasonal Trends

Seasonal beauty trends are most prevalent during the winter-to-spring transition. In the winter months, dermatologists suggest wearing heavier moisturizers and creams to keep the skin hydrated during the dryer, less humid months. In the spring, we make the switch from heavier to lighter moisturizers.

During the summer, the skin naturally has a more sunkissed, dewy appearance due to longer days, more sun exposure, and more humidity. From SPF lip balms and face tints to SPF foundations and more, consumers are looking for ways to protect their skin under the sun.

After basking in the sun, the UV light will expedite and develop dark spots and freckles. Ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin C can reduce the appearance of dark spots. There are now many beneficial ingredients on the market that aim to treat different skin issues or lessen the effects of environmental aging.

Beauty posts are most influential when they alert followers of that seasonal clock and begin to feature products that optimize beauty routines for each season. Once summer comes to a close, you should start transitioning to a different moisturizer during the fall. People should be wearing SPF year-round but should reserve lightweight moisturizers for summertime only.

Holidays and Festivities

Famous events and festivities, either local or national, bring our inspired beauty looks. Mardi Gras, meaning Fat Tuesday in French, is a time for festive dress-up. Whether people are masquerading in face masks and feathers or are dressed in costume in makeup, beauty enthusiasts have a chance to show their makeup and hair chops.

If you’re a makeup artist or costume makeup artist, Halloween is the time of year for these influencers to shine. The holiday seasons are hectic and a great time to keep the content flowing. Beauty buyers are composing beauty kits for gift-giving. Tastemakers and brands are dreaming up new trends to usher in the spring and new year.

New Seasons, New Trends

With each new season, the beauty industry is dishing on new spring, summer, fall, and winter trends. Whether you’re an esthetician, nail tech, hair stylist, or brand, there’s plenty of material to work with while planning your content. Each new season is a new beginning to try something new.

Many content creators will go the extra mile and share their healthy eating habits and the beauty brands they favor, and share featured products. You can gain loyal customers with consistent, honest online reviews to your social media audience. Demonstrating how to enhance your natural beauty by taking care of your skin is one of the most effective ways of engaging your audience.

Different Ways to Share Seasonal Content


Attribution: @ceri.t.mua

Geri is a makeup artist with bold looks and glimmery flair. In this look, she adorns her eyes with a Christmas Eve Palette by @odenseyecosmetics with blue and golden sparkly hues.


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Una publicación compartida de 🌻Lizzie🌻 (@beatsbylizzie)

Attribution: @beatsbylizzie

In this post, makeup artist Lizzie sports elf ears with an ethereal Halloween Kit makeup palette by @appledoll. Her Halloween fairy look is dramatic, dewy, and exquisite.


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Una publicación compartida de DJ Quintero (@djquintero)

Attribution: @djquintero

Hairstylist DJ Quintero shares three looks on the très jolie, starring character Emily in Emily in Paris.

Retaining Customers and Followers

Retaining customers on social media platforms helps when you’re consistent and authentic, and stay abreast of seasonal social media content. There is a wide range of ways to share material on your page.

How Beauty School Can Help You Succeed

Evergreen Beauty College invites all aspiring hairstylists, makeup artists, estheticians, and barbers to tour the campus. Our licensed professional staff members and salon like facilities can help foster a productive and creative environment for students. Students will learn techniques and practice on real clients under the guidance of our instructors. Schedule a tour today.

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