Tips for Finding a Great Barbering School

finding a great barbering school

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If you’re thinking about becoming a barber, one of the first things you’ll have to do is look at barber schools. Going through a barber program is a great way to kickstart your professional career; you’ll get hands-on training that will allow you to eventually take your licensing exam and become a professional in the barber industry. Here are a few of the best tips and tricks you can use to find a barbering program that will push you toward being a successful barber.

1. Know what you’re looking for

First and foremost, you need to know what you’re looking for in your barber school experience. Future barbers are often looking for something specific. Are you looking to own your own barber business? Do you want your barbering career to focus instead on working at a salon? Are you planning to specialize mostly in hair-cutting services or in other specialties, such as beard care? You don’t need to know every single thing you want to do as a barber, but having a general idea of the skills you want to develop will help you choose a barber college that will deliver the components you need. 

2. Determine the quality of the education at a specific school

Next, it’s important that you put some effort into determining the quality of the education you may be interested in. There are some general barber school requirements for your licensing exam that most schools should cover to provide you with a school diploma. However, there are plenty of opportunities for barber schools to give you even more of various types of skills, like business skills, people skills, and even skincare and nail care, in some cases. While most barbers focus on masculine styles, having the knowledge necessary to accommodate female clients as well can be helpful in expanding your reach. Learning advanced techniques can help you turn your classroom instruction into more practical instruction.

3. Check out what student support is available

One of the most important parts of your journey through a barbering program will be talking to a school about how they can help you meet your needs. This may include, for example, financial aid and grants for barber students. Moving into a career in barbering can be extremely beneficial and can set you up for a permanent career, but training in barbering can be expensive. Talk to your school about grant opportunities and other funding opportunities, such as financial aid. Remember that a school needs to be accredited to offer federal financial aid, so talk to your school’s financial aid experts for more information. 

4. Make sure the school provides programs that work for your needs

There’s nothing worse than finding a school you think you’ll want to use for your barber education but then discovering that they don’t offer a program that will suit your time requirements. Make sure you learn more about the application process and what times are available for important components like hands-on practice and real-world experiences. Whether you need specific time slots or specialized schooling options as a single parent or full-time worker, you can talk to your school’s experts to ensure that there’s an option available for you. 

Find a barbering school that will work perfectly for you


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There are lots of barbering schools out there, and it’s possible to find one that works perfectly for your needs, whatever those needs may be. If you’re looking for a successful career in barbering, schedule a tour with Evergreen Beauty College to learn more about how they can encourage you in your proper training.

FAQs: Tips for Finding a Great Barbering School

Is there a difference between beauty school and barbering school?

The terms “beauty school,” “barbering school,” and related terms, like “cosmetology school” and “hair school,” are not regulated. They’re generally used to help schools indicate to potential students what they specialize in. It’s very common for a beauty school with a general cosmetology program to also provide barbering programs. You’ll just need to check to see whether a school provides the program you’re looking for.

Do you really need to go to barbering school?

It is very important that you go through barbering school so that you have the information you need to pass your licensing exam. Barbering school will also allow you to do things like get a professional liability insurance policy and join professional associations once you graduate. In most states, going through barbering school is a necessity for licensing requirements, and even if it isn’t required, it’s a good way to show potential employers that you know what you’re doing.

Can I go through barbering school online?

You won’t be able to go through the entirety of your barbering school online. While a variety of skills for barbering can be learned online, some of them require you to get hands-on experience. If you’re worried about your ability to consistently attend classes in person, talk to your school to learn more about whether they have flexible options.

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