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Building your social media following from the ground up can feel daunting in a digital world where algorithms continually shift and social media platforms are already saturated with content.

As cosmetologists start creating content, they should stay authentic to their voice and brand. When aspiring artists are first starting out, it’s natural for them to try and emulate other popular artists who have carved out a piece of the internet where they’ve grown a significant following.

The foundation of social media platforms like Instagram is to write a concise but catchy caption and post timely, personal or artistic imagery representing the identity of the company (or person) posting.

What separates some people from others is having a strong, genuine voice and identity. All of the other carbon copies, so to speak, get lost in the feed.

It’s important to post unique and engaging content, though some guidelines can help you develop a meaningful following.

Posting Videos to Your Feed


There are many other things at play in Instagram’s algorithms. The Instagram algorithm will show you images of the people you engage with or follow. Instagram, originally a photo-sharing app with photos appearing chronologically, developed reels in 2020. In 2022, Instagram started prioritizing videos. It’s essential that you learn the skill of creating videos to stay abreast of the trends.

Here are some time-tested ways to create your content in a video across all platforms.

The before-and-after video is a popular way to showcase the juxtaposition of the hairstyle before the cut and the final result.

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Though TikTok launched before 2020, it rapidly grew in popularity in the year 2020 with visual and audio memes. The nature of TikTok is steeped in entertainment. The TikTok algorithm looks at different factors, like song clips and hashtags. Videos that contain the same likeness in visual and audio memes that perform well will have a greater chance of appearing to a larger audience.

When creating a DIY video of a hairstyle on TikTok, whether on yourself or a client, overlay a trending piece of music.


Quick hairstyle for wedding guests✨#hairtransformation #hairinspo #hairhacks #hairideas

♬ Need to know x Desperado by altegomusic – ALTÉGO

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Attribution: @brylkaproject


Although Facebook is tailored to people who want to connect with friends, family and acquaintances, you can certainly cross-promote on all social media channels whether you specialize in hair design, makeup or facials.

Sharing a time-lapse, giving a tour of your new salon, or giving DIY tips to your followers will engage your followers. You can also use Facebook as an opportunity to ask your followers to follow you on Instagram and TikTok if they’re interested in following your work.

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Attribution: Salon Sky

Here Are Some Tips To Help Guide You Create Quality Videos

Keep the content relevant to your brand. Showcase your best work. Being prolific and posting consistently on social media is essential, but it’s more important to show your best work.

When recording, ensure that the client is bathed in flattering lighting. Get good angles of the hairstyles. Adding music or sound effects can elevate the post. Using hashtags will make you visible to people interested in what you’re producing in terms of content.

Engage with your followers in the comments. Once you start developing a presence and interacting with people, you’ll begin to see your following flourish.

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