Washington State Hair Design Program

hair-stylistIf you are looking to become a hair stylist in the next year or so, know that it is going to be headed in a different direction in 2016 for Washington state. Around the time of the new year, there will be two options for those looking to join the beauty industry: Cosmetology or Hair Design.

So, what is the difference between Cosmetology and Hair Design? The difference actually isn’t that major:

  • Cosmetology will include hair cutting, styling, coloring, and skincare (make-up, basic facials and waxing and nails)
  • Hair Design will include everything from Cosmetology EXCEPT skincare and nail care!

Without skincare included in the Hair Design license, of course that means for a shorter program, making a 1600 hour program (Cosmetology) now a 1400 hour program. Not everyone who thinks about joining the beauty industry as a career wants to do EVERYTHING. Some just want to focus on make-up and others only want focus on hair styling, without learning about skincare services.

I can’t wait to see where Evergreen Beauty College decides to take this new option for our prospective students! We will make sure to keep everyone posted with any changes or new details as they become available…so make sure to stay tuned!



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