What it Means to Be Evergreen


Evergreen Beauty College is a school born of a dream and diligent work. It all began when Thi “Mama” Trieu wanted to improve her own future and opened the first Evergreen Beauty College in 1996. Since that time, it has been her legacy and mission to help others improve their own futures through careers in cosmetology, esthetics, nails, and more. This spirit of determination is what makes Evergreen so special, which is why we want to take time over the coming months to talk about what it means to Be Evergreen!

What Does it Mean to Be Evergreen?

As the founder of the school, “Mama” Trieu’s courage and tenacity laid an important framework for future students. She came to the United States many years ago as a refugee from Vietnam. With little knowledge of the English language, she needed to reinvent herself and take charge of her future. After working as a janitor for some time, she pursued her desire for a better future and opened Evergreen Beauty College. That drive for a better future has extended to the hundreds of students that have successfully graduated from different programs at Evergreen!

Being Evergreen means that you are always growing into the best version of yourself, and Evergreen Beauty College is designed to be a place where you can make that happen. We don’t set rules on what your best self should be, we invite students to come as they are and learn in a place where they can become the person they’ve always wanted to be. What it means to be Evergreen may not be the same for everyone. For some it means being more independent and confident, for others it may mean learning selflessness. We want all kinds of good qualities to be developed at Evergreen Beauty College!

A Second Family

The owners and staff at Evergreen Beauty College take their jobs very seriously. Students are trusting their futures in the hands of the people at Evergreen, so it’s a very important privilege to treat those students as family. This manifests in many small ways that the students frequently notice. For example, when bad weather threatens to close down school for the day, the owners and administrators don’t simply look at traffic cameras or news channels to determine if the roads are suitably safe for their students. They often get in their own cars and test different routes to the schools to decide from themselves if the roads are safe enough. Many small acts like this are how the staff model what it means to Be Evergreen.

Evergreen Strength

They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that is absolutely true with Evergreen Beauty College. We’ve recently had to make the heartbreaking announcement of the closure of our Bellevue campus, and it’s been a challenging time for many of the students, staff, and owners throughout the school. No matter how difficult the trial becomes, we always have the Evergreen family to rely on. Washington locals are familiar with the prolific evergreen trees that carpet the entire Pacific Northwest and how they grow together in tight clusters. The roots of evergreen trees weave amongst one another beneath the ground to create a resilient network of strong connections. This allows the trees to resist even the most calamitous weather and threatening mudslides without toppling over. The same is true of the Evergreen family; we are bound together in a tight group that supports and helps one another. For us it’s just a part of what it means to Be Evergreen!

Join The Evergreen Family

Everyone has their own story to tell, and we want to hear yours! Evergreen Beauty College is the place where you can come and write the next chapter in your story. We’re here to help support you on your journey to be your best self! Visit our programs page to find a course just right for you or schedule a tour to experience what it means to Be Evergreen for yourself! You can also learn more about our campuses in Everett, Renton, Shoreline, Yakima, and Mt. Vernon to find the one most convenient for you!

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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