How Makeup Has Changed Over Time

With the popularity of makeup today, the makeup industry has become very profitable and complex. Today, new makeup lines are created through the combined efforts of cosmetologists, dermatologists, and even social media stars.

The History of Makeup

Makeup has been in use for a long time. Researchers have discovered that the use of makeup goes back at least 6,000 years to Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, both men and women wore makeup. A kind of soft rock known as red ochre was crushed and used as a pigment. Kohl was also used to darken the eyes. Today, you might compare it to eyeliner!

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Ingredients Were Poisonous

In the past, makeup was often made with deadly compounds such as arsenic or lead. One example of this is the use of powdered lead. Pale faces were considered beautiful, so many women used powdered lead to lighten their faces. Luckily, we now know that it is a deadly poison.

Makeup Was Considered Immoral

During the Middle Ages, the Church did not allow the use of makeup because it was considered to be immoral. Although makeup was prohibited, women continued to use various forms of it in Europe. At one time, women would crush fresh geranium petals and rub them on their cheeks and lips to create a rosy glow.

Modern Makeup Started in the Twentieth Century

The type of lipstick tube we are familiar with today was invented in 1915. Pancake makeup was invented in 1935 to help movie stars look more attractive on film. Before 1958, mascara was applied with a brush, but the invention of the mascara tube allowed this important kind of eye makeup to be applied in a new way.

Did You Know?

Some Makeup Ingredients Are Still Used Today

Castor oil was used in makeup thousands of years ago and it is still present in some makeup today. Kohl and henna have been in use in India as a beauty aid for thousands of years and today they are in widespread use in many countries. Traditionally, kohl has been made from a combination of ingredients including ashes, lead, burnt almonds, and antimony.

The use of makeup to enhance a one’s beauty is not new. The desire for beauty has always been common. The main difference today is that we now know much more about how to create safe and effective beauty treatments with the increasing knowledge that we have gained. To learn more about how makeup is created and applied, you can take beauty college courses offered at Evergreen Beauty College that can prepare you for a career in makeup artistry.

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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen
8 years ago

Interesting article. I had no idea that it was considered immoral to wear makeup in the middle ages. I was thinking makeup and perfume would be a must since bathing wasn’t as fashionable.

2 years ago

Thank for the great website I used this several times to finish my assignment on makeup.

2 years ago

thanks for this website i really enjoyed it

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5 months ago

Ya same, even I enjoyed this cuz it was end too long or too short plus this information has helped my in my homework

Jess Irez
Jess Irez
4 months ago

Great content. Appreciate the knowledge!