How Using a Lactic Acid Facial Peel Can Benefit You

 Let's Talk About Lactic Acid

If you are looking for a new way to maintain your complexion, try a lactic acid facial peel. This has many benefits for the health of your skin, and it is relatively easy to use and remove. It is crucial to know exactly how the facial peel works, and what to expect from using it.

What Lactic Acid Facial Peels Are

Lactic acid facial peels are derived from milk. They are composed of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). They are not entirely unlike glycolic acid peels in their composition and how they work. These peels are fairly mild and work well for individuals who have not worked with peels previously. This is because they work fast, and there is basically little chance of someone having an allergic reaction to them, since lactic acid is a natural human metabolite.

People who have sensitive skin can use them without much trouble, though they are great for people who have dry or oily skin, as well. Older people will benefit from the peel, as it works well with mature skin. Be aware that lactic acid peels are sticky and thicker than your average facial peel, and they look yellow in color.

hyper pigmentation

What Lactic Acid Facial Peels Do

When you have a lactic acid peel, you will notice certain benefits. For one, it fades hyper pigmentation quite well compared to other peels. That is why it is often recommended for people with dark marks on their skin. If you have the facial peel applied by a professional, he or she will set a timer to ensure that the peel is not on your skin for too long. The longer it is on, the greater chance that your skin may become irritated. With each subsequent peel you have done, you can leave it on for longer, since your skin can adapt to it.

Your skin likely will become pink and warm for up to a few days after you have your facial peel done. Make sure that you stay out of the sun, but wear sunscreen regardless. Also, you will want to avoid anything that will scrub or exfoliate your skin until it heals. Your skin may become dry and peel slightly for a short time after, but will not usually peel unless it was a high concentration facial peel.

When Will You See Results

Remember, you are not likely to see improved skin right away. Your skin can take up to a couple of weeks for the expected results to show up. For those skin issues that are more extreme, such as erasing fine lines, you will experience the best results with multiple peels over 6 to 8 weeks. Soon enough, you will have the skin that you dreamed of, all with the help of a lactic acid facial peel. For more information on facial peels and skin care tips, contact Evergreen Beauty School.

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10 years ago

This is because they work fast??????

Lactic Acid Facial Peels do NOT work fast it takes time to see the results. Because they don’t peel they flake off over time. I have done them and get good results in TIME

I had a 1927 fraxel done about 2 months ago & peels do better & cost less

3 years ago
Reply to  LP

Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m always amazed how often cheaper and safer solutions offer better results than what is recommended by so many dermatologists and surgeons. I was considering an ipl series for hyperpigmentation but there are some risks involved. I advise everyone to check on for real reviews rather than just trusting their doctors word.