Cosmetology Student Success Story: Rebecca Henderson

About Rebecca Henderson

Before and after from Brown to Blonde by Rebecca.

Before her starting her journey at Evergreen Beauty College, Rebecca was living in Las Vegas, Nevada and working in retail. Rebecca explains “I knew I wanted to do something more, but I couldn’t figure out what exactly. I’ve always played with my hair by doing different colors and lots of chopping with my mother’s sewing scissors.

I realized this was something I could make a career out of.” Rebecca researched and toured schools around her in Nevada but didn’t feel like she could fit in anywhere. When had an opportunity to move in with my friends from Washington she stumbled upon Evergreen Beauty College.

Rebecca chose to pursue a cosmetology because she loves being able to pursue many faucets of creativity. Rebecca says, “Cosmetology gives me the opportunity to touch base in many different forms of beauty and become skilled in each. The beauty industry is ever growing, and cosmetology really shows all sides of it.” Shares Rebecca

Rebecca says she chose to join the Evergreen Beauty College family because “When I started to talk to staff members at Evergreen, I felt connected right away. I was very nervous about committing to school, but I was given all the encouragement from the Esthetics educator, Katy, and am so thankful for her! She really made me feel like I was more than capable of starting and she helped me all along the way! I was moving to Bellingham when a campus opened here the same time! It seemed like fate, so I went right for it.

Red and Black Split Dye performed by Rebecca Henderson.

The Evergreen Experience

Since starting her journey to become a Cosmetologist here at Evergreen Beauty College, Rebecca has shared some of her favorite parts of the program. “I absolutely love doing color services, it’s always something I’ve been fascinated with! It has been so fun to work towards being a professional and learning cool new technique! I love big transformations and with color getting to customize and create art. The science behind chemical services is also so interesting to me. I love being able to play scientist and having the knowledge to back up my potion making (which is just color mixing of course).”

Along with color services being her favorite service to preform, Rebecca finds that it is her strength in the cosmetology world. She says “It’s something I love and have so much passion for! I love to see what my clients want and bring that to life in their hair. Getting to visualize what it takes to get their hair from one thing to another is so cool. Seeing color develop on the hair is also just so fascinating.”

Rebecca’s radiant personality and great customer service is what sets her apart as a Cosmetologist because she loves people. “I believe more than half the job of anyone in the beauty industry, is your ability to give good customer service. That is more than just getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. It’s more than even being good at what you do and creating a good result. It’s about caring for the person in your chair. My main goal is to make every person that books with me feel heard and comfortable. My hope is that when you come see me, you can leave the things that are weighing you down in life at the door, and we can have a refreshing and sweet time with whatever service you’re getting done! I make it a promise to work hard at my skill and continue to grow in everything I do, so that my work speaks for itself.”

Rebecca’s favorite assignment at Evergreen so far has been an assignment where she had to learn about the products Evergreen Beauty College carries and present the product information to her classmates. She says “I’ve never known too much about products and what makes something good. It was incredibly insightful to have the time to research what we’re using and be knowledgeable on it. I feel like I can confidently find the right products for people now. That’s also a huge part of any service we do. People see us one day and need to know how to keep it looking good every day! If we recommend the proper products to them, they will be much happier as they get to keep their results for longer and have happy healthy hair.”

Beautiful Highlights created by Rebecca.

The Next Step

As Rebecca’s graduation date approaches, she has already begun to plan out her next steps in the beauty industry. “I have anything solidified yet, but I know I want to work in a salon with other stylists! I love to work around others and think that would be a great starting point for me.

I hope to find work here in Washington for a bit and see where the wind may take me after!”

Rebecca’s advice to incoming students is to not limit yourself. “Everyone is in the same boat as you, so don’t hold yourself back. Everyone’s a bit nervous, everyone’s a little confused. So, ask questions, don’t be afraid to mess up. You’re in the perfect environment to try it all. You’re going to do great.”

Rebecca is set to graduate February of 2023. If you are interested in following her throughout the rest of her program, you can check her out on Instagram: @beautyby.beccaaa. Congratulations Rebecca! Evergreen looks forward to seeing you follow your dreams! We wish you all the success!

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Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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