How Much Training Is Required for a Cosmetology Program?

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A cosmetology program is what you need to become a cosmetologist. To go through a cosmetology program, you’ll need to do quite a bit of training and learn plenty of information so you’re able to serve your clients.

However, if you’ve just been starting to test the waters with the idea of cosmetology, you may not even know how much training you need to do to get through a cosmetology program.

Here are four things to consider regarding the amount of training you’ll need to get through a cosmetology program.

1. Prerequisites for Your Cosmetology Program

The first thing to consider is the prerequisites you need to have in order to enter the cosmetology program. Cosmetology programs typically enroll students who are at least either 16 or 18 years old. You will typically need a high school diploma or a GED. However, it’s typically not required that you have previous experience in cosmetology, although this may help you work more effectively.

2. Experience Before You Enter the Cosmetology Field

Speaking of previous experience, you may or may not have experience in cosmetology before you start working in the cosmetology field. It’s important to remember that you don’t actually need any experience in cosmetology in order to enter the cosmetology field as a student — that’s what the school itself is for. However, it is helpful to at least have a love of cosmetology already, so you might want to start following some cosmetology social media accounts. You also need to be willing to do plenty of practice as you learn the skills necessary.

3. The Requirements for Your State

Your state’s specific requirements will dictate how long you need to be in a cosmetology program. A program will have different required teaching hours for you to get your cosmetologist license. In the United States, hourly requirements for a cosmetologist license range from 1,000 to 2,100 hours. Some states allow you to substitute some or all of these hours as internship hours, so it’s a good idea to see what your specific state’s requirements are regarding the amount of necessary time in a cosmetology program. Talk to your ideal beauty school to learn more.

You can gain valuable experience while in a cosmetology program. Many cosmetology programs allow you to work with clients while you learn under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist. That means you’ll be gaining experience while you learn.

4. Experience During Your Cosmetology Program

Lastly, you’re going to gain experience while you’re learning cosmetology, which will allow you to become a cosmetologist a little more quickly. While you’ll be doing this as part of the cosmetology program, it is part of your training, as it’ll help prepare you to work with clients in the real world.


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Training is an important part of a cosmetology program, and there are many elements of training that you might consider when thinking about how much work you’ll need to finish your cosmetology training. Make sure you consider all of these before deciding to go to cosmetology school. Once you’ve made your choice, you can talk to Evergreen Beauty College about the cosmetology program. It’s an effective way to kick-start your education in Washington.

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