How to Become a Successful Mobile Beauty Therapist

Mobile beauty therapists often consider this particular way of doing business to enjoy more autonomy in their working arena, to have more flexibility, and gain a higher profit. If your ambition is to be a successful mobile beauty professional but you are not sure about how to start or where to start, then the following suggestions might help.

Register For Self-Employment

You have to register yourself as a self-employed professional in the mobile beautician category under customs and HM Revenue panels. You can contact the HM Revenue helpline for assistance with:

  • Professional Tax
  • National insurance
  • VAT
  • Attending free workshops for self-employed individuals

Market Research is a Must

Like all other business ventures, you need to do some market research before you launch your business. Your market research should include topics like:

  • Information about other local competitors
  • Beauty therapy rates of other mobile beauty therapists
  • Common beauty treatments they are offering
  • Specialized services they are offering if any

This type of information will help you in planning and starting your business. It will also give you some ideas on how to make the pitch attractive to your potential target segment.
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Treatments to Offer

Besides your skills and understanding of the subject, the list of beauty treatments available will determine the popularity of your business. Consider a few factors before listing beauty treatments for your clients:

  • You must include popular treatment therapies in your brochure
  • Besides common treatments, add some real exclusive therapies, which will help you to stand out in your business category
  • Determine your strengths and focus on those
  • Provide full focus on customer satisfaction

Based on all these points, plan your beauty treatment list. It should be user friendly, cost effective and result oriented.


Before purchasing the beauty treatment equipment you will need, you must be sure that everything s durable, lightweight and easy to maneuver. In addition, the containers carrying your beauty products must be spill proof.

Get Insurance Coverage

While your knowledge and setup will allow you to render great services, specialist insurance coverage will relieve any tension. Plenty of organizations are now offering liability insurance coverage for beauty therapists. Select the scheme which provides full benefits and the best coverage with a moderate premium.

If you would like to know how to become a mobile beauty therapist, we at Evergreen can help you. We offer a wide range of beauty courses. We also offer hands on training in our beauty school salon.
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Once you graduate from our schools, you will not only know how to the basics of hair dressing, but also how to open and run your business.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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