Tips on How to Increase Your Engagement on Social Media

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Many beauty enthusiasts are finding fame on social media or a decent following that ultimately helps them attract business.

Beauty influencers primarily share tutorials and product recommendations through Instagram stories, Instagram posts, and TikTok. Learn how to cater to your target audience and organically increase your follower count on social media.

How do you optimize your engagement rates?

The most engaging content combines creativity and effectively creating timely and compelling content. Re-sharing user-generated content will also help optimize your engagement rates. User-generated content is content created by customers that is typically on brand.

You will enhance your average engagement rate when you share various types of content that appeal to your target customers and are timely. If you are creating authentic content that interests you, it will be more convincing and fun for your followers to watch.

In this video, Abbey Yung demonstrates her version of executing the heatless curls trends on TikTok. Abbey’s appeal is that she will talk you through each step and give you a bit of background on why she chooses certain products and techniques and how they can benefit you.

@abbeyyung the only way to heatless curl #heatlesscurls #heatlesscurl #heatlesscurlstutorial #heatlesscurlshack ♬ original sound – Abbey Yung

Attribution: @abbeyyung

You can engage your audience through Instagram stories or carousel posts. If you post on your grid, repost your Instagram stories to encourage followers to save your post.

How lucrative is influencer marketing?

In 2022, the influencer marketing industry reached $16.4 billion, as reported by Harvard Business Review. The people who become influencers have the following attributes down pat.

Distinguishing yourself

It’s hard being original, but attainable. If you’re crafty enough to find ways to make your content distinctive, you’re more likely to create head-turning or pause-from-scrolling content that produces results. An original idea flourishes in risks, so getting out of your comfort zone is an excellent place to start.

Some of the most rewarding marketing efforts are those that go on a limb and try something new. Finding your voice might be a long path, but staying authentic and unique will set you apart from the droves of copycats on social media.

Posting regularly

For some people, posting can feel like a job. And for many, it is. There are jobs tailored to posting on social media. If you don’t want to exhaust all your creative reserves on generating content for social media platforms daily, here are some ideas and various post types you can do to share content routinely with minimal effort.

Whenever you see content on a brand that inspires you, save it to your collection. You can re-share saved posts on your Instagram stories to keep followers engaged. Content creators are not continuously harvesting. There may be long spells where they work behind the scenes, so having content ready to post will be handy.

Follower Count

Business owners and brands are likely to invest their social media marketing budgets in content creators with a high follower count. Most big brands set aside their budget for influencer marketing. Learn how to build your following on all your social accounts by organizing and creating a content calendar for your future content. Staying organized will help you increase engagement and appeal to your ideal audience.

Attribution: @betina_goldstein

Betina R. Goldstein is a Los Angeles-based nail artist. In this post, she painted her nails with Orly, Touch of Magic. This is a great example of content you can use that only requires a little forethought to post routinely. Betina also has a high follower count and specializes in sculpting with builder gel to create unique designs and high-quality content. Because Bertina has grown loyal communities and maintains an engaged audience, she’s achieved great press and earned her impressive campaigns, like this video content with Calvin Klein.

Doing product launches on social media

Most content creators enlist the help of a professional to produce polished and beautiful product photos for their product launches. A lot of content strategy is the buildup to a product launch, sharing teasers, and unveiling the product launch during optimal times. A professional stylist and photographer will use effective editing tools and enhance the look of your product photos. If you have a good-quality camera and lighting, you can begin to showcase your products and designs. 

Coming up with content ideas

Here’s a recap on coming up with content ideas:

  • Create a content calendar.
  • Post regularly.
  • Save posts that inspire you to re-share on Instagram.
  • Post your designs and client work.
  • Share step-by-step tutorials.

In this video, Lara gives us a step-by-step tutorial on achieving this celestial halo around her eyes with Little Ghost Palette.

Attribution: lara beautysage

If you’re an artist considering a career in cosmetology, schedule a tour at Evergreen Beauty College. In addition to fostering a creative environment and teaching you the fundamental techniques, we will share how you can create content online and for your portfolio.

FAQ: Tips on engaging your audience

How do you engage with audience questions?

Be responsive and keep it positive. Even some big celebrities take the time to respond to comments. You can also increase the level of engagement by responding to all comments. Engagement matters when you’re trying to build an online presence.

What is the most effective way to engage an audience?

Developing an engaged community takes time. Engaging types of content can include:

  • Asking questions.
  • Posting polls.
  • Developing seasonal marketing strategies.
  • Using relevant hashtags to attract your target audience.

What three methods will you use to gain and keep the audience’s attention?

Create relevant content. Sharing regular posts and creating awesome content will help capture your audience’s attention.

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