Here are reasons why people are choosing cosmetology programs

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Learn about all of the top reasons people are considering enrolling in a cosmetology program, how the demand for the trade has grown, and what types of careers graduates can pursue after getting licensed. 

With a new wave of beauty trends and products, there is an increased demand for beauty services. The job outlook for hair stylists is expected to rise over the next decade. Social media is partially the reason behind the spike of interest in a beauty career, motivating more and more aspiring beauty professionals to attend cosmetology school. People eager to work in the beauty industry can seal their career paths and passion for beauty by enrolling in cosmetology courses.

Flexible schedules and career opportunties 

Whether you’re looking for a career path outside of an office cubicle or are a parent in search of more flexibility, finding a lucrative career with various beauty jobs is now more feasible. Cosmetologists can work part-time or full-time, depending on their availability. A cosmetologist can tailor their work schedule to their lifestyles. Working in a cosmetology career provides you with the stability of having financial independence and the opportunity to be your own boss.

Stylists can choose to fill up their schedules or choose their days off. Typically, you will be responsible for renting your chair and creating your schedule if you work at a salon.

Fulfilling career choices using creativity and artistry

Most cosmetologists use their creative skills and customer service skills to earn a living. This job allows a licensed cosmetician, stylist, esthetician, makeup artist, or nail technician to express themselves artistically in various mediums. Since beauty professionals are constantly engaging with their clients, they interact with different people every day. Conversing with different personalities and getting new requests makes the job less tedious and more exciting. There’s always an opportunity to make clients feel like their best-looking selves.

Cosmetology is a profession you can grow in, and any work you do where you continue to learn, grow, and exercise your creativity while getting paid will be a fulfilling career. 

Career opportunities and strong employment outlook

Trade schools that offer courses leading to any career in cosmetology take significantly less time to complete than other traditional college programs. While attending cosmetology school, students will work with real clients in the campus salons and spas. Once a student becomes a beauty school graduate, they are required to take their licensing exam before embarking on the journey as a licensed professional.

After getting certified and licensed, the most challenging part of the journey will begin––building a client base and retaining clients. Once cosmetologists have a loyal following and a consistent roster of clients that schedule services, their earnings will feel more rewarding and secure. 

Hustling in the early stages of your career is essential and taking most of the opportunities that come your way in the beginning will pay off. Starting out is all about finding your strengths and developing a loyal customer base while continuing to hone your craft as a beauty professional. 

A rewarding career working as a licensed stylist

The average income of licensed cosmetologists has improved over the years and has become more competitive with the advent of social media. Working in a career in beauty has many advantages, allowing each person that specializes in beauty education, hair styling, nail care, and barbering to thrive. 

Much like working in any service profession, hospitality, or education, people working in beauty experience gratitude from helping people.

Unconventional careers in cosmetology

Unlike graduates looking for a steady and stable career in more conventional settings like working in salons and spas, other students have more unique dreams in mind that they pursue earnestly and fearlessly.

There is a rare, very ambitious group of graduates who, after working five years behind a makeup counter, in a salon, or interning, start speeding to the top of their careers working in entertainment, theater, or as personal stylists. You must have a go-getter attitude to get these jobs, showcasing a bold and original display of your work. The competition to work in these fields is strong, but it is entirely doable with effort, networking, and possibly relocating to places with these job offerings.

If you want to do makeup or hair for movies, Los Angeles is the world’s movie capital. There may be no place in the business better than working with other creatives immortalizing art, and you’re playing a part in it.

If you dream of expressing your creativity on the runway working with hair or makeup, New York is ideal for finding internships and proving you have the chops and work ethic. Anything you put your mind to and devote yourself to is within reach. The first and most essential step is attending a cosmetology program and studying with instructors who believe in you and devote their time to teaching you the ins and outs of your craft.

A good cosmetology program will entice students and keep them rooted in learning their craft. The nature of a cosmetology program is nurturing and supportive. Students will form bonds with their fellow students and get real-world practice by working on clients in campus salons while being monitored by instructors. There’s freedom and independence, but a classroom is also a place for students to experiment, develop a style, and even learn what they are most passionate about doing in the beauty field, unhampered by the fear of making a mistake. A school setting is a safe bubble where you learn to make mistakes but also grow from them.

At Evergreen Beauty College, our philosophy is to teach our students essential skills to succeed and feel confident in becoming licensed cosmetologists. In a beauty program, students will train in the basics before moving on to advanced techniques, developing their portfolios, and training for the licensed exam. 

There are many reasons to go to cosmetology school. If you wish to enroll in a cosmetology program, Evergreen Beauty College offers a wide range of beauty courses.

FAQ – Reasons why people are choosing cosmetology programs

What are three essential skills to have in a cosmetologist?

Three essential skills that a cosmetologist should possess include:

  • Being a creative person
  • Having a passion for beauty
  • Knowledge of beauty techniques

What qualities make a good cosmetologist?

A good cosmetologist will:

  • Be passionate about beauty
  • Enjoy standing and conversing
  • Have great listening and communication skills
  • Stay up-to-date with trends

Where do cosmetologists make the most money?

In June 2023, Indeed employment website reported the average salary for a cosmetologist in the United States is $23.18 per hour. Cosmetologists in major cities, such as Chicago, Atlanta, and New York, will earn the most. And if you’re really looking to boost your salary, consider companies such as Nordstrom, JCPenny, and Maurices in these cities, as they tend to pay higher wages and have compensation packages for cosmetologists.


Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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