What Do You Need To Be An Esthetician?

The beauty industry is booming these days. Studies show that there are over 61,000 job opportunities in this field of work. That is why it is a great career path to consider and there are also many sub-specializations you can consider. If you dream of entering the beauty industry, and you want job security to boot, consider enrolling in an esthetician program today.

What Do You Truly Need To Be An Esthetician?

So, what do you need to be an esthetician? Read on and find out how you can begin your path towards a rewarding career.

A High School Diploma or GED Certificate

Before you can enroll in an esthetician program, you need to have any of these two certificates. Keep in mind that most, if not, all accredited school will ask for any of these requirements before you can enroll in a program.

Learn About The Field

As mentioned earlier, there are many esthetician courses to choose from. Research about them and discover which one you are more drawn to. You can choose to continue your studies after you graduate from the basic course to get an associate degree. You may even take another program as well. This will improve your credentials in the field and increase your likelihood of getting a higher-paying job in the future.

Apply For A Program

If you want the assurance of getting better pay, make it a point to0 enroll in a program that is recognized by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). There are many full-time and part-time programs available for you to choose from. Keep in mind that most school will require their would-be students to take an entrance exam. Interviews may also be conducted.

Earn Your Degree

These programs will take an average of 6 to 12 months to complete. The curriculum is designed to meet the standards of the state licensing board. The topics may include nutrition, facial treatments, skin analysis, hair removal, safety, physiology, anatomy, business management, color theory, marketing and sanitation. You have the option to continue your studies after graduation or begin earning a living with what you have learned. However, you need to pass the licensure exam before you can do both.

Take the Licensure Exam

It is important to take the state licensing exam, as you will not be able to work unless you do. The requirements may vary per state. However, most will require an esthetician certificate, practical and written exam. Aside from that, you may need 300 hours of supervised work experience.

After you have passed your licensing exam, you can begin looking for a job. It would also make sense to join a professional organization in your area. This will help you meet people who can help you expand your business or provide you with employment.

What does one need to be an esthetician? You should have the best training, of course! If you want to receive the finest esthetician training, visit Evergreen Beauty College today. Learn innovative and updated techniques from the experts in your chosen field to improve your chances of getting a high-paying job after graduation.

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