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Becoming an esthetician presents plenty of opportunities. An esthetician can become a makeup artist, work in skin care, or become a buyer for skin care products. You need an esthetician’s license to work in a salon or spa. Every program and state has varying requirements for the hours of training required. Before becoming a licensed esthetician, you must find a cosmetology or esthetician school offering an esthetics program. If you complete an esthetician program and pass your state board exam, you will finally meet your licensing requirements and become a licensed esthetician.

The national estimate for skin care professionals is 61,990, as reported by the BLS in October 2023. If you dream of entering the beauty industry, consider enrolling in an esthetician program today.

What are the prerequisites to be an esthetician?

Before students can take classes with a cosmetology or esthetics program and begin their path toward a rewarding career, they should check with their esthetician school to see if they are eligible. Generally, there are age requirements.

A high school diploma or GED certificate

To be eligible to attend a Washington State beauty program, you must have either a high school diploma or a GED. Virtually all beauty programs require at least one of these certificates. Most vocational schools do not require college-level education requirements. Some high schools and community colleges offer cosmetology and esthetics courses where students can gain a good foundation in their trade. We recommend enrolling in an esthetics program.

esthetician students learning


Learn about the different programs available

Many aspiring beauty professionals may opt to cast their net wide and choose a cosmetology program where they can dip their toes into various beauty techniques. In cosmetology, you learn everything from hair cutting, styling, makeup application, basic facial procedures, and more.

Consider concentrating on an esthetics program if you have your heart set on a makeup or skin care career. Getting an esthetics license will help you stand out and prepare for your practical exam. Students will learn to master the esthetics application and consult clients. The beauty industry has a high demand for skin specialists.

You can continue your studies after graduation by attending trade shows and instructor-led workshops and using apprentice hours to gain valuable experience. Many students seek additional training by taking a teacher training program. This will improve your credentials in your chosen field and increase the likelihood of landing your desired job or securing a job as an instructor.

Apply for a program backed by the NACCAS

Salons and spas widely recognize the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) for meeting a high-standard curriculum. There are many full-time and part-time programs available for you to choose from. Most schools require their would-be beauty professionals to take an entrance exam and pay the application fees. They may also conduct entrance interviews.

Evergreen prepares students for the practical exam by teaching a comprehensive curriculum on the subject matter that the student will encounter on the practical exam. Students will learn techniques on mannequins before advancing to actual clients and apply techniques that they may need to demonstrate on the practical exam.

We offer flexible full-time and part-time programs at Evergreen Beauty College to cater to each student’s schedule for the esthetics and cosmetology school. Students will get hands-on practice during their training hours, guided by instructors.

Evergreen Beauty College offers esthetics, cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, and instructor training programs.

In an esthetics program, you’ll learn about skin conditions and how to administer a skin analysis to determine your client’s skin type to recommend the best skin treatments. You’ll also learn intermediate and advanced techniques in makeup application, in addition to basic and more invasive facials that aim to brighten the skin and help repair pigmentation.

In the wellness industry, some medical estheticians may assist with medical procedures like exfoliation alongside a doctor. Medical estheticians are limited in what they can perform in a medical setting. For instance, they can conduct cosmetic procedures. This is where a dermatologist comes in.

Esthetic students will earn their esthetician licensure after completing the program and licensing examination. Our instructors foster a positive and supportive class environment while students study and get hands-on training with real clients to help them achieve optimal scores on their practical examinations.

Earn your degree

Any of Evergreen Beauty College programs will take an average of 6 to 12 months to complete. The curriculum is designed to meet the standards of the state licensing board.

Just like esthetics, to earn your cosmetology license, beauty students must complete the required training hours in a cosmetology program and get passing scores on their practical exam before becoming licensed. Evergreen’s curriculum is ideal examination material that prepares students for the cosmetology, barbering, nail tech and esthetician license.

Our staff and instructors will help counsel and guide every student on steps they can take to begin their career path as a successful esthetician. Explore a myriad of facial treatments and hone your communication skills so you feel at ease working in the skincare industry.

Take the licensure exam

Completing the exam and training at school is essential and part of the licensure requirements.

After you have passed your licensing exam, you can begin looking for a job in the skincare industry. Joining a network of estheticians and beauty professionals will help you meet people who can aid you in expanding your business or providing employment.

Training with seasoned professionals, getting a solid foundation in sanitation practices, skin physiology, and learning how to harness skills in your trade will help you succeed in your career path.

Visit Evergreen Beauty College today and learn about eligibility, application fees, scheduling, financial aid and touring the campus.

FAQ: How to become an esthetician

How much does an esthetician school cost in Washington State?

Cosmetology schools in Washington State can cost between $9,000 and $10,000. Students can make monthly payments to pay their tuition at Evergreen or look into financial aid, grants, and loans.

How do I succeed as an esthetician?

The first step in becoming an esthetician is touring a campus that will support you and that has an esthetician school. Many schools offer financial aid and grants. Once you complete your esthetics program, students must enroll to take the licensing and practical examination. There are rules for licensing and renewals that all students must learn about.

For additional training hours, Evergreen Beauty College offers instructor training.

How Long does an esthetician training take to complete in Washington State?

Students will need 1,200 hours of coursework and practical training in the Master Esthetician Course. Anyone can enroll as long as they are 16 years old, have reached their 10th Grade Education, and have a high school diploma or a GED. Once students complete the program, they can sign up for their practical examinations. After completing the exam, you will be eligible for your official certification and esthetic license and ready to pursue an esthetician career. Review Evergreen Beauty School’s catalog to learn about the shelf life of a current certification, renewal dates, studies on advanced treatments in skin care, such as body treatments, and facials and what other schooling requirements are needed.

To find out the exact dates of licensing exams and the exam process, students can consult with a counselor on everything from fees for renewal, licensing services, how employers check for a valid license, and what the online application process will look like.

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Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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