5 Secrets to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

long lasting manicureIf you’ve ever wondered how to make your manicure last longer, then you’re not alone. While it still looks amazing, a manicure can make you feel great about yourself. However, many people have trouble maintaining the beauty gained from a proper manicure. For some people, it’s almost depressing to watch the paint chip off of nails. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make a manicure last much longer.

Avoid Soaking Your Fingertips

There is no scientific reason to soak your fingertips. When you go to a salon, the purpose of soaking your fingertips is nothing more than a part of the pampering experience. In fact, soaking your fingertips can have a very negative effect on your manicure.

When a fingernail is submerged in water, it begins to soak up the water, and it becomes temporarily puffy. The nails will return to their normal shape after the water has evaporated. Tests show that the contraction and expansion of fingernails causes polish to peel and chip.

Don’t Push Dry Cuticles Back

Another way to make a manicure last longer is to avoid pushing back dry nail cuticles. This is important because this activity can cause the polish at the base of the nail to crack. Once the polish has cracked, it will begin to chip, which ruins the manicure. It’s also a good idea to run some softening cream into the nails. The cuticles should be gently nudged back with something like an orangewood stick.

Clean the Surface Well

One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of a beautiful manicure is to make sure the surface is extremely clean. If there are traces of spent enamel, dust or moisture, it will actually prevent the adhesion process of new polish.

Shape Properly

Before getting a manicure, it’s important to properly shape your nails. Shaping is what maximizes the strength of the nails. It’s best to leave the corners square while rounding the tips. Filing is almost always healthier than clipping.

The problem with clipping is that it can crack the nail plate. It’s a good idea to use a nail file that has a fine grit, and nails should always be filed in one direction. When nails are field back and forth, it can cause nail keratin layers to peel away.

Use a Base Coat

The purpose of the base coat is to give the lacquer something that it can stick to. Research suggests that a base coat actually sticks to nails better than regular polish. When the intention is to use it for uneven nail surfaces, it’s best to use a base coat that addresses roughness. Another great tip to improve the lifespan of a manicure is to seal the lacquer with a slow-setting topcoat.

Although the quick dry types of topcoats seem best, they evaporate too quickly making polish mushy and soft. These are some very simple tips that anyone can use for a long lasting manicure.

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