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Success Stories – Esthetics

Esthetics Student Success Story: Stephanie Sturlaugson

“I had a great job where I loved the people that I worked with! I worked at this job for just under 10 years and although I enjoyed it, I was feeling unfulfilled. It felt like I hadn’t found what I was called to do. I love helping people, I love inspiring people, I love encouraging people, but most of all I love making people feel good! I am sure that I will be able to use my passion for skincare, hair, makeup, lashes, and nails to positively impact the lives of others; it is my calling…”

Esthetics Student Success Story: Verena Schouten

“I am very motivated in whatever I choose to study. I spend a lot of my free time researching products and ingredients that benefit my clients, because I genuinely care in making them feel beautiful and confident in their skin. My favorite services to provide are hands down lash extensions and waxing! I enjoy facials as well, since they are more skincare focused, but it’s the more detailed work that I enjoy the most…”

Esthetics Student Success Story: Brianna White

“Be yourself. Let go of the fear of “what if no one wants to support me”. Promote yourself and start your social media business accounts. Document your journey. Soak up all the knowledge of your instructors. Network. Never limit yourself. Build clientele while in school and run your spa days as if you’re already in business. I’ve learned so much about myself and it’s been an emotional journey for me. I’m so glad I took a leap of faith because this is the happiest, I’ve been in a long time…”

Esthetics Student Success Story: Emily Nino

Emily chose to go into esthetics because she had known from a young age that she wanted to do something that allowed her to maintain her independence while having fun. “I love that this industry is women dominated and empowering. I’ve always wanted to help others feel confident and secure in their own skin, and I feel so fortunate to have found such an amazing path!” she states.

Esthetics Student Success Story: Natalya Erdmann

“I chose to go into Esthetics because I have always loved everything to do with beauty and skincare. I loved doing face masks and makeup whenever I hung out with friends during my middle and high school years. I just thought it was so much fun. Taking care of my skin has always been a top priority of mine. So, I thought…why not become an Esthetician that way I can help others with their skin, knowing I’m doing something that I truly enjoy…”

Esthetics Student Success Story: Mackenzie Barrow

“Beauty can often be seen as frivolous and unimportant, but this experience taught me that even doing the smallest things to care for our appearance can have a massive impact on our feelings of self-worth. It was then I realized that I want a job where I can make other people feel this way. We all deserve to feel good in our own skin, and it would bring me so much joy to help someone feel better about themselves in that way. Beauty is vital to our individual well-being as it allows us to feel like our true selves. I want to help my future clients realize that desire…”

Esthetics Student Success Story: Alexis Adams

“I’ve always loved playing with cosmetics and skin care, and I’ve particularly loved brow shaping and lashes. I spent my teenage years doing makeup for fun on myself and my friends. Some of my favorite memories are doing makeup on friends before school dances. I’d spent hours watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. It wasn’t until I was years into retail job after retail job that I learned about Estheticians and what is covered under their licensing. I was instantly intrigued…”