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It made me so happy to hear Aja Erickson tell me personally how hard she has been working to earn this award and how excited she was to finally receive it! Aja joined Evergreen her senior year in high school for the Make-Up Artistry program and then started Cosmetology this past September. We are so proud of you, Aja, and can’t wait to see what else you accomplish while you are at school and once you’ve launched your career!

Aja_Erickson InsertAbout Aja

Some students are born into this industry and it seems they are destined to join the beauty industry later in life. I always love meeting with prospective students who feel eager to start Cosmetology or Esthetics because their mom or their aunt or their sister have been such great representatives and they want to help people in the same ways.

“I chose to go to Cosmetology school because I have always had the passion to do hair and make-up. I grew up helping my mom out in her salon and foiling mannequin heads at the age of 6.”

Aja’s mom actually owns her own salon, Create Hair Studio, and Aja continues to help out at her mom’s salon on her days off from school. That is true dedication!

“My favorite thing to do is color! I love when I am able to use my creativity and make my own formulations. It’s empowering to see a beautiful end result.”

The Evergreen Experience

At Evergreen we strive to produce well-rounded students who will be ready for the industry after graduation. Part of making our students salon-ready by the time they graduate, is to expose them to clients while in school on our full service salon floor. We asked Aja what sets her apart from other stylists and why clients should book with her.

“Clients should book an appointment with me because I’m always up for a good challenge. I love to learn Aja Blogand I love doing everyone’s hair! If you sit in my chair I promise you will leave feeling beautiful :)”

“I want to make sure my clients always have a great experience in my chair. Communication is key. I am a good listener and want to make sure I know exactly what their expectations are before I start their services so they love their hair when they leave.”

Because Aja discovered Evergreen while she was still in high school, we were curious to know why she chose Evergreen and what she likes most about the program. “I chose to attend Evergreen Beauty College because they were the most welcoming school I visited. It felt like I was apart of the family before I even signed up. I took the Make-Up Artistry class while I was still in high school and had so much fun. I knew right away I wanted to attend Aja Blog 2cosmetology school here.” As far as what she likes most about the program, “What I love most about this industry is seeing a smile on my client’s face after they sit in my chair. There’s nothing better than seeing your clients happy because you made them look exactly like that Pinterest picture they showed you!”

The Next Steps

We are always curious to know what our current students plan on doing after graduation. We are all excited to see the big things Aja does once she is done with school. She is now a certified make-up artist and a soon to be Cosmetologist!

“After graduation I’m looking forward to starting my career at a salon with extended education, a place I can build my clientele, and that is always growing in the industry.”

As far as any advice for incoming students? “Always remember to have fun! Make the most of everyday andAja Blog 3 don’t be scared to ask questions! learning is fun :)”

Aja graduates this upcoming Fall 2017 so make sure to book an appointment with her on our student salon floor! And in the meantime, you can always catch her on Instagram to check out more of her work: @mua.aja

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry, you can check out our program or contact us at one of our three locations: Bellevue, Everett or Renton!

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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