Can I Start Esthetics Classes With Absolutely No Training?

learning esthetics without training

If you’re interested in the field of esthetics, which includes things like skin care and makeup, you might wonder how much training you need to succeed in esthetics. If you don’t know anything and you’re fresh out of high school, is it really possible to become an esthetician through an esthetics course? Do you need existing experience? If so, where would you get it? How can you prepare yourself more easily? Here’s everything you need to know about applying for esthetics, even if you don’t have any training.

1. Is It Possible To Succeed in an Esthetics Course With No Training?

The burning question on many individuals’ minds when it comes to esthetics as a beginner is whether it’s possible to actually succeed in an esthetics course when you have no training. In short, it absolutely is. After all, an esthetics course is there to teach you all of this information; if they expected you to already have experience in the field, they would likely have prerequisites regarding what programs you would have to complete first.

If an esthetics course states that your only prerequisite is a high school diploma or a GED, don’t worry. You’ll learn everything else you need to know when you enroll in the esthetics course. Even if you struggle with some of the earlier training, just ask your teacher for help. They’ll know you’re a beginner and will do their best to help you understand the concepts.

2. Will My Past Training Dictate How Likely I Am To Get Accepted to an Esthetics Program?

It is not common, this should not be the case. Esthetics courses aren’t necessarily looking at who they think already knows the most and will therefore be easiest to train. They’re looking at who has a real desire to become an esthetician and who will probably succeed in the course. This means that the best skills are not preexisting knowledge but instead a love for esthetics, a drive to succeed, and an interest in the art.

The best option if you’re worried about your past inexperience being a factor is to talk to the admissions team at the school you’re interested in attending. They can tell you how much experience the majority of students have, as well as give you some information on how to prepare. Plus, if they do think your experience may have an impact on your chances of being accepted, they’ll be able to tell you that.

3. How Can I Prepare for an Esthetics Course With No Training?

If you’re interested in training for your esthetics course, your best option is just to start looking into the culture of esthetics. The more you know about esthetics, the easier it will be to start grasping the material when you’re learning it in a classroom setting. Especially when it comes to esthetics, you typically don’t need any hands-on experience, but knowledge can be a helpful option.

Following social media accounts about esthetics and making friends with other estheticians and aspiring estheticians should be your first step. It’s also a good idea to start following people who are in the career you hope to follow after you graduate. For example, you might start following beauticians, dermatology assistants or makeup artists.


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You definitely don’t need experience in the field of esthetics to sign up for an esthetics course. That’s what an esthetics course is there for you to do — learn everything you need to know about esthetics before you go out into the real world and practice it. No matter how much experience and knowledge you have about esthetics, the esthetics course from Evergreen Beauty College is a great starting point for the art.


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