Cosmetology Student Success Story: Jennifer Valenzo Delgado

student success story jennifer valenzo delgado

For the month of October we showcased the accomplishment of one of our North Seattle campus’ future professionals, Ms. Jennifer Valenzo Delgado. Jennifer was honored as the digital marketing award winner for her utilization of social media as a business platform at which to display the beautiful work she does behind the chair.

Student Success story jennifer valenzo delgadoAbout Jennifer Valenzo Delgado

As a lover of all things beauty Ms. Jennifer had initially sought out the Makeup Artistry program, where she was wanting to focus on building her skills in special occasion makeup. It was with the help of one of Evergreen’s admission counselors; Ms. Blair, that Jennifer decided to do the Cosmetology program. Ms. Jennifer is so thankful she made the decision to do hair as well, “Because I am able to provide makeup, and hair services my clients can have two people in one. Now when I do start my own business, I can freelance and be able to offer a well rounded service,” shares Jennifer.

Jennifer chose Evergeen to pursue her passions because “EBC has a goal, to challenge their students to be the best version of themselves.” Ms. Jennifer feels very connected to that mind-set, and identifies that kind of self-growth and development as one of her own personal goals. “For my school to align with that, means the world and lets me know that I can trust in them.”

The Evergreen Experiencewhite hair

With the time that she has spent in the program Jennifer has leaned heavily towards the technical aspects of the career field. “My specialty has turned out to be coloring services. I consider myself to be a pretty creative person and through these services, it shows greatly. I also have learned patience, which is a strength when it comes to color. Not only do you need to be creative, you also need to be patient to get the proper techniques down.” It is with that kind of  drive and determination to constantly evolve that Ms. Jennifer is being recognized.
With that being said she shares that she doesn’t have a preference in services that she likes, “I just love the fact that I can work with hair in general.”  Jennifer feels that being a hair-dresser gives her the power to change her clients inner and outer feelings about themselves. “There’s no better feeling in this world than being able to empower someone else,” Ms. Jennifer adds.
When Ms. Jennifer isn’t curating a five star customer experience for her clients she stays busy with assignments like her bingo’s. “Bingo’s are hands down the most helpful tool in school. Not only does it keep you busy, but it helps you keep on track with your goals.” Starting her day with goal achievement on her mind, and working towards being better at her skills, Jennifer stays focused and determined.

Considering what sets her apart Ms. Jennifer feels it is her patience. “I feel most people lose patience when their clients aren’t on the same page during consultations or they’re not too sure what they want. I personally love consultations because I love being able to envision or see photos of what their goals are. Once we both are on the same page, its the best feeling. Knowing they’re trusting that you’ll help them get to their end result is my favorite,” shares Jennifer.

The Next Stepcurly blond hair

It is clear to see that Ms. Jennifer is a goal seeker, but beyond that fierce persistence is her sweet nature. It is in this sweet demeanor that she feels would be a reason people would seek to come back to her, or choose her over someone else. “I am a peoples person. I love connection. Not just the physical connection that can happen during a service, but I love getting to know my clients. I love connecting with my clients because I feel like it makes the customer service that much better.” Wanting to build that kind of connection and rapport beyond just her clients, Jennifer would like to see their kids and teens for services regularly as to watch them grow. Ms. Jennifer wants to have that trust in her clients, the kind of trust that translates into providing services to family members as well.

Looking forward, it is of no surprise that Jennifer has both big dreams and small dreams to achieve the kind of future that she is seeking. When it comes to the big dream “I plan on owning my business as a freelance artist.” Ms. Jennifer also realizes in order to have a business the most fundamental aspect is building a clientele which ties into her smaller dream, “To work for a salon, not only to build my clientele but to also work on my services” which will round out her portfolio. “I want to be the best version I can be of myself.”
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When asked for words of wisdom for any incoming future professional Ms. Jennifer shares “If you have a dream, don’t stay asleep. Life passes by very quickly, so if that dream is something you feel passionate about, wake up, and complete that goal. First step is to schedule an appointment at EBC, second step is to make it on time or early to your appointment, and before you know it you’re halfway done to having a career.”

Ms. Jennifer Valenzo Delgado is set to graduate April 2020. To follow along as Jennifer grows within Evergreen and beyond as she breaks through her goals  you can find her on Instagram: @_jennys_hair_ Congratulations Ms. Jennifer! What a beautiful career it is to guide our future professionals through their individual journeys, and to see their hard work come to fruition!

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the beauty industry take the Beauty Biz Readiness Quiz, you can also check out our programs or contact us at one of our five locations: Mount VernonEverettNorth SeattleRenton, and Yakima.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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