How to Do Fishtail Eyeliner?

fishtail eyelinerAs anyone that wears eyeliner can attest, eyeliner can completely change any look in a few easy steps. There are plenty of different ways that one can apply eyeliner but a quickly growing trend is called fishtail eyeliner. This new trend is easy, beautiful, and totally expressive. Following the tips included here can make all the difference.

Fishtail Eyeliner: Color Selection

Much as with traditional eyeliner, color selection is everything. The color of an eyeliner can instantly brighten, close up, or bring out the color of eyes with very minimal effort. Since this is a very bold style it may be best to stick with colors that are not very out there. Trying colors like black, charcoal grey, brown, or even plum can be a fantastic way to test out this new trend without drawing too much attention.

Choose Thickness of the Line

Choosing the thickness of the line is the next step. This can make as much difference as the color itself. The thicker the line, the bolder the look, using lines that are very thick can draw attention to the eyes and can really define them. Using thinner lines is a great way to use this look subtly without drawing too much attention or overwhelming the eyes.

Placement of the Fish Tail

The placement of the fishtail is the last and perhaps most important part of this bold liner. A fishtail liner look is essentially a cat eye line on the top and a mirror image line on the lower lash line. Depending on what you want to do with the eyes, a large upper flick with a smaller lower flick can give the appearance of doll like eyes or even a fuller lower lash line. A smaller flick on the top and a larger flick on the bottom can make eyes appear bottom heavy and fuller much like 60’s models.
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Using an even flick on both top and bottom can make eyes appear more even. Having a flick that goes very far toward the brow line and very low toward the cheek bone on the bottom can help open up the eyes. Overall, this is a look that can be tailored to any eye shape and that can flatter any eye shape with very minimal effort.

It is important that when drawing and placing the fishtail users take time to make sure that the hand is steady and that the process is very regimented. Though applying the look quickly can add a very whimsical effect, it can also make this type of look appear sloppy and poorly done. Taking time to really consider the placement of the flick and the fishtail can make all the difference between a unique and customized look and a halfhearted attempt. For more information on how to do a fishtail eyeliner, we at Evergreen Beauty college can help you. We offer various beauty courses that are aimed at making our graduates competitive in the beauty industry. Call us on (425) 643-0270 for more details.
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