Creating a Fishtail Eyeliner Look

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Black eyeliner can transform any look in a few easy steps. There are various ways to apply dramatic eyeliner, from soft, shadowy, and smudged to graphic, sharp, and clean. A trendy and classic style is a winged liner, and a recent makeup trend upping the ante to this look is the double-winged liner. This new trend is easy, beautiful, and expressive. Following the tips included here can make all the difference.

Fishtail Eyeliner: Color Selection

Similar to traditional eyeliner, color selection is everything. The color of eyeliner can instantly brighten and bring out the color of the eyes with almost minimal effort. Since this is a statement-making, bold style, you can opt to play down the color palette or go all in for a bold and vibrant glam makeup look. A conventional color palette, like classic black, charcoal grey, brown, blue, or even plum can be a fantastic way to test this new trend without being too daring if you feel this aesthetic is a little out of your comfort zone. Whatever makeup choices you make, you can always wash it off and go back to the proverbial drawing board. This look is most flattering on almond eyes.

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Choose the Thickness of the Line

Choosing the thickness of the line is the next step. The thickness and swipe of the liner can make as much difference as the color itself. The thicker the application, the bolder the look. But use caution. Sometimes a thickly applied liner can make the eyes appear smaller and detract from the winged look on the outer corners. Applying thick lines can draw attention to the eyes and define the shape if done correctly and with the right color. Celebrity makeup artists recommend starting with a thinner application to subtly draw attention to the eyes without overwhelming them. If You’re going for a dramatic evening makeup look, the fishtail eyeliner trend is the perfect bold eyeliner effect. Applying a thicker double-winged eyeliner amplifies the graphic and theatrical edgy eyeliner style.

Applying your everyday liners thinner will translate into a more natural look. There are different degrees of thickness, and you always want to enhance your natural eye shape with the most flattering style over creating an expressive makeup style. Thinner lines will flatter your eyes if you have downturned or hooded eyes. Complete the look with lashes for extra flair.

Placement of the Fish Tail

The placement of the fishtail is the last part of this bold liner. A fishtail liner look is essentially a cat eye line on the top lid, and another line is drawn beneath it to mirror the top winged line on the upper lash. Depending on what you want to do with the eyes, a thicker upper flick with a slighter lower flick can give the appearance of doll-like eyes or even a fuller lower lash line. A slighter upper flick can make eyes appear bottom-heavy and fuller, reminiscent of 60’s models.

An even flick on the top and bottom can make the eyes appear more symmetrical. A quality liquid liner or a fine-tipped paint brush will help the application go on smoothly. A seasoned hand can achieve a clean, sharp triangular shape between the top and bottom lines for the winged eyeliner look. Applying black liquid liner on the outer eye corner requires a steady hand, so if you’re even a wee bit shaky, keep Q-tips and makeup remover handy for cleanup. Tailor this look to any eye shape by playing with colors and thickness.

When drawing and placing the fishtail using liquid eyeliner, you must take your time. This look is more advanced than the classic winged look, and even beauty professionals take their time while creating this look. Map out the placement first and give it a whirl. You’ll master this dramatic eyeliner look in no time.

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