How to Save Money by Getting Your Hair Cut at a Beauty College

haircut at beauty schoolEveryone deserves to have the look they want and feel good about themselves. It’s not so much about vanity as it is about confidence. When you like what you see in the mirror, you are able to go out into the world with a little bit more spring in your step. People notice your glow and are attracted to your positivity. It is also a matter of comfort. Each individual has different tastes when it comes to clothes, makeup and hair. When these reflect their personality and preferences, they become happier in their own skin.

The problem plaguing most is that getting the style they want often comes at a huge cost. Take haircuts, for example. High-end salons can charge thousands of dollars for even the simplest of services. Even the smaller ones typically ask for hundreds after everything has been said and done. That’s not even including the tip. So what is a frugal person to do? Find alternatives, of course. There is always a way if you are willing to search for it. For many, the answer has been to go to a beauty school salon.

The Financial Benefits of Having a Haircut at a Cosmetology School

Nearly all beauty colleges run their own salon either on campus or somewhere nearby. This facility serves as a training ground for the budding young stylists. Students who have reached a certain level of competence are finally allowed to use their skills on paying customers instead of wigs, classmates, or models. It is a big jump up in terms of responsibility but they are definitely ready for the challenge. As for the clients, there are plenty of benefits with the most obvious one being on the financial side of things. School salons charge much lower fees with allow people to save quite a lot.

Considerations When Getting a Haircut at a Beauty School

haircut at cosmetology schoolBefore heading towards the nearest beauty school salon for a makeover, you should realize that you will be dealing with amateurs. Those who will attend to you will not be seasoned pros but aspiring stylists who have decided to make a career in cosmetology. They will be supervised by competent instructors who are veteran practitioners in the field but it is largely the students who will do the job. As such, there are some practical considerations that have to be kept in mind:

1. Patience

Students are taught everything they need to know during their classes. They practice on mannequins with wigs or live models. Only those who exhibit the capacity to follow instructions and produce the desired results are allowed to practice inside the campus salon. However, just because they know what to do doesn’t necessarily mean that they have learned how to be efficient in their craft. Swiftness and a sure hand usually come from years of practice which most don’t have the benefit of. A typical 30-minute procedure may take an hour or so. Adjust your schedule accordingly to avoid hassles.

2. Perfection

It is rare for even veteran stylists to get everything right. Perfection is a difficult achievement, especially in a field where the criteria are quite subjective. This doesn’t mean that the student will not try their best to provide the best haircut that they can create. They should be technically sound before being permitted to attend to paying clients so this should not be much of an issue. However, if mistakes do happen, customers can call on the instructor to remedy the situation. Any unwanted asymmetry will be balanced out and imperfections will be minimized.

3. Communication

Customers must learn to communicate what they want in a clear and concise manner. Some students can pick up cues in a snap and produce gorgeous results. Others need more detailed instructions in order to see eye-to-eye with the client. Bringing a sample picture of the desired haircut will surely help the budding stylists. Speak to the students calmly. Remember that the students are still trying to get comfortable with all of the stimuli. If they get yelled at or pressured to hurry up, then they might actually mess up your hair.

4. Skill

The salons are manned by rotating batches of students. A few of these classes may be more advanced than others. Even within each class, there will be individuals who will stand out due to their superior skills. People who go to these facilities must accept that the variation of talents can be very wide. Those who are near the end of their months-long training will move more confidently on the floor. Those who are new may struggle before finding their footing.

Safety Nets for Customers Getting a Beauty School Haircut

haircut at beauty schoolSchool administrators are well aware of these shortcomings. They work hard towards solving these issues to make college salons more appealing to their intended audience. Almost all of them have adapted the following procedures to ensure high quality services and satisfied clients. These safety nets can be availed of in different degrees from one school to the other. Sometimes they are not really needed as everything goes well without any intervention. At other times they prove to be absolutely necessary.

1. A Supervising Instructor

The salons are supervised at all times by one or more instructors who are generally knowledgeable stylists with impeccable skills and unquestionable experience. They have gone through this ritual before so they are aware that students may require a bit of assistance from time to time. This could be in the form of technical instructions or client communications. If any problem comes up, the instructors can get involved and find a way to resolve things quickly. For instance, if the client is unsatisfied with the haircut provided by the student, then the instructor can personally try to fix it.

2. Advanced Students

The longer their exposure to salon work, the better students get. The seniors will usually be quite confident in dealing with clients. They will also produce above average results. Customers who do not want to leave anything to chance may set an appointment that coincides with the schedule of the advanced students. This would increase the chances of getting a great trim at a low cost. Ask the salon receptionist for the daily rotation of students. Perhaps there is even a chance to book a particularly gifted student.

If so, then take advantage of the option.

3. Refunds

In case customers are extremely dissatisfied with the services provided, salons may offer a refund. This may be subjected to certain limits such as a determination that the student or other salon workers are at fault. Refunds may be partial or in full depending on the situation. Inquire about the house policies before proceeding if you are unsure. However, it is best for clients to simply work closely with the stylists to create a stunning look. Students will always try their best to please their customers and make a favorable impression on their instructors.

Salon Services Available at Beauty Schools

haircut at cosmetology schoolBeauty school salons offer nearly every service one would expect from any professional establishment. The only difference is the vastly discounted rates. For example, there are haircuts with finish for both men and women. There is straight razor, shampoo and style, thermal styling, and styles for special occasions. To maintain healthy hair, clients may wish to avail of deep conditioning services or scalp treatments. There are also numerous color and perm options.


Style does not have to take a backseat when dealing with a tight budget. Having a haircut at a beauty school salon has proven to be an excellent way to get dazzling hair without the guilt. Student salons are equipped with the latest machines and stocked with top notch beauty products. Customers can come in to get a quick trim or stay longer for coloring and hair treatments.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

Happy Evergreen Beauty College Students


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Ron Booker
Ron Booker
4 years ago

I really like how you explained that the benefit of having your hair done by students is that you could save a few bucks and help a learner get more experience. I have never had my hair cut at a salon before but I can imagine how helpful they can be especially when it comes to getting a new look for your hair. With that being set, I will visit one in the area and get a new hair cut this coming week.

Chris Pederson
Chris Pederson
3 years ago

Thanks for the tip about how beauty school students might take an hour to do a 30-minute haircut. My wife wants to go to beauty school but she was afraid that she’d take too long to get a haircut done. However, if most students take that long then I think she’ll be fine.