How to Turn Your Love of Cosmetology Into a Career

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There are plenty of people who love cosmetology but don’t know how to make that into a possible career. If you’re already interested in the beauty industry, you can use plenty of steps to turn your interest into a full-blown career. By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to move into a career in cosmetology.

Having a passion for beauty is a great way to start out in the beauty industry. However, becoming part of the beauty business is about far more than just a love of the industry. If you’re thinking about making cosmetology your future career, you’re not alone. Ask yourself these five questions to get your career in beauty started.

Why do you want to pursue cosmetology as a career?

This one seems like a simple question, but it’s extremely important to ask. If you’re looking to build a beauty business out of a desire to make money, you’ll probably have a difficult time. Instead, it’s important to pursue beauty careers because you love the idea of working in the beauty industry. While there are many great positions in cosmetology that can set you up for a great career, you should be in the industry because you love the idea of being a beauty professional.

What are your biggest goals?

What are your goals if cosmetology is your dream career? There are many possible goals that you could be pushing toward — you might want to be your own business owner, create beauty products, eventually become a cosmetology instructor, or just do hair styling at a hair salon. All of these are valid goals, but they’re all very unique goals. If you’re planning to pursue your education in cosmetology, it’s important that you know your goals so you can pursue them effectively.

What’s your action plan?

Answering this question may require some initial research, but it can be absolutely worth it. Most of the time, you’ll need a cosmetology license to be in the cosmetology field — how are you planning to achieve that? What are you planning to do to choose the cosmetology program that’s right for you? Are you expecting to go to school full-time, or are you hoping to go part-time? What’s your ideal setup for paying for cosmetology school? These questions are all important to answer early on.

Who can help you achieve your goals?

Having a mentor or just someone in the cosmetology field who can answer some of your questions is extremely important. For example, if you’re looking to become a professional makeup artist, you’ll want to talk to someone who already does makeup application to learn what components of the process you haven’t thought of before. Additionally, once you’re in a learning program, you may be able to connect with actual mentors who can encourage your passion for skincare, makeup, or haircare and help you find exciting opportunities to land your dream job.

What education and training do you need?

No matter what you’re hoping to eventually do, it’s important that you get the right education. From hair cutting to nail technology to licensed cosmetologist services and beyond, the range of services available at an average salon often requires thousands of hours of training, especially with all of these experts combined. If you want to pursue a rewarding career in cosmetology, it’s important that you get the education and training that is both legally required to pursue your dream job and that will make you more likely to land job opportunities once you’re out of school.

Find your perfect career in cosmetology

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Finding a great cosmetology career doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. If you’re a creative person who loves to make a positive impact, the beauty field can be an incredible career field for you to pursue. It’s a popular career that can allow you to pursue a creative passion and make it a career. Check out the various different programs available at Evergreen Beauty College to learn more about cosmetology careers.

FAQs: How to turn a love of cosmetology into a career

Do you need formal training to become a cosmetologist?

In most states, you’re legally required to go through various formal training requirements before you can become a cosmetologist. Even if this isn’t a legal requirement in your state, it’s still an important part of making sure you’re taken seriously in the beauty field. Even if this is your dream job and you’ve done all your own personal research and training, it’s still extremely important that you get a professional education. This way, you’ll be able to provide quality services and prove to potential employers that you’ve got what it takes to be a great presence at their salon.

What career options are available for cosmetologists?

Cosmetologists can provide a wide variety of services, which means that they have a number of different great career options. Depending on what you study as a cosmetologist, you may be able to pursue hair styling, nail technician work, body hair removal, makeup artistry, skin treatments, and more. Some of these pursuits may require more or less professional experience and specialty training, but they’re all options for licensed cosmetologists. If you have a specific dream job in mind, make sure you discuss it with the admissions representative when you start reaching out to beauty schools.

Do you need previous experience to go to beauty school?

You don’t need any specific knowledge or experience to attend beauty school. Beauty school can be a bit easier for some people who already know a bit about cosmetology, but you definitely don’t need to know anything to attend beauty or hair school. That’s what the education is for, after all; even if you’ve never done any hair or beauty work before, the student salon will prepare you to do it over time. If you’re interested in a cosmetology career, these tips will help, even if you have no experience at all.


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