Modern and Traditional Salon Equipment

When starting a salon business, it is always wise to invest in quality salon equipment and furniture. This will ensure that your business’ processes run smoothly as well as improve the whole salon experience and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Knowing the Difference Between Modern and Traditional Salon Equipment

Salon equipment generally fall under two broad categories: modern and traditional. Although the choice of equipment normally depends on the type of salon, there are standard equipment, both traditional and modern, that should ideally be available in every salon. These include:

Traditional Salon Equipment

If you are starting a salon or you intend to offer traditional hair care services, you’ll need to buy traditional salon equipment.

Hair Steamers

You need to invest in several steamers to use in moisturizing clients’ hair during massage and hair conditioning procedures.

Hood Dryers

Hair stylists use these hood-shaped appliances to dry and set hair. Hood dryers have one of the most effective hair drying systems since they release hot hair in controlled amounts and do not cause too much heat damage.

Hair Combs

If your salon will primarily offer hair care services, hair combs and brushes are probably the most important equipment you need to acquire. It is important to invest in different types of hairbrushes and combs with different tooth sizes that you can use to brush both human and synthetic hair.

Hair Clippers

You should have different type of these depending on the type of hair care services that you intend to offer.

Shampoo Bowl/Sink

You need this equipment to wash or condition hair. Most stores that stock salon equipments sell shampoo bowls alongside pump pedals that can raise or lower the level of the sink depending on the height of different clients.

Hair styling equipment: These include curlers, rollers and diffusers.

The type of hair styling equipment you buy will depend on the hair styling services you offer.

Modern Salon Equipment

If you are starting a specialized salon or you intend to offer traditional hair care services alongside nail and skin care services, you need to buy modern salon equipment. The following is an overview of some types of specialized salons and the equipment you need to open each type of business.

Nail Salons

Basically, these salons offer manicure and pedicure services. In order to stock such a salon effectively, you should invest in manicure/pedicure kits. These kits contain tools such as nail clippers, nail filers, and cuticle removers. A manicure table is also essential modern nail salons. This is small-sized table enables manicurists to work on clients’ nails comfortably. If you intend to target high-end customers, you should invest in technology such as nail airbrush machines.

Tanning Salons

These are the rarest type of salons. Equipping a tanning salon can be quite expensive since tanning procedures require the use very new technology and high-tech tools. The most important tanning salon equipment is a tanning bed. Clients who want tanning services lie on this bed which facilitates full body tanning or face tanning, depending on each client’s needs. You can also purchase tanning booths for clients who need to stand upright while receiving spray-on tans.


These salons offer services that promote relaxation and comfort. If you want to open a spa, you need to

At Evergreen Beauty College, we offer courses that teach aspiring salon owners how to operate the modern equipment used in spas.

On the whole, beauty salons can be very profitable business ventures since consumers are often willing to spend substantially on beauty care. In light of this, the beauty care industry is quite competitive and salon owners must be willing to invest in quality equipment to meet their clients’ ever-changing needs. Even though some traditional salon equipment is still quite functional, it is important to invest in new beauty care technology and equipment in order to compete effectively.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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Anna Dawn
Anna Dawn
4 years ago

Very well written article. There is a lot of changes in a modern salon. Beauty treatments are getting advance even the medical spas also available for any kind of facial or other treatment.

Rebecca Gardner
Rebecca Gardner
3 years ago

It made sense when you said that beauty care clinics need to invest in quality equipment in order to stay competitive. My aunt mentioned she’s interested in starting a medical spa in her town this summer. I’ll share this advice so she can start researching the right facial and massage equipment to invest in!