Nail Care Tips For Long and Strong Nails

nail care tips for long nailsWe all need good nail care tips because our fingernails say so much about who we are. For as long as most of us can remember, we were always told to clip our nails and keep them short and clean. However, as girls developed into women, they saw the beauty of long nails, which made most of them grow theirs to the different stylish lengths of their times. While long nails are attractive, nail care tips can help keep them looking their best, growing properly and healthy. If fingernails are kept well and clean, they could be any length at all.

How Aloe Vera Comes to the Rescue

Growing nails always need special care, which can be achieved by using aloe vera. Make a paste by boiling aloe leaves until they form a gel in the pot.

Once cooled, apply to the nails to keep them healthy. It will also avoid you from biting them, as the taste may put you off.

Although nails may seem to have nothing to do with your diet, their condition is very closely related to what you eat. Make sure you are getting lots of protein, calcium, folic acid, zinc, and vitamins A and B12 in your diet. A good way to keep nails healthy and simplify the above list is to eat at least 6 almonds each day, which are full of fatty acids.

Nail Care Tips: All About Moisturizing

The more hydrated your nails, the better and quicker they will grow, when compared to those that are dry and brittle. Moisturized nails will stay strong, unlike the brittle nails which break easily. Keeping them moisturized is as easy as soaking your fingernails for 15 minutes in olive or bath oil, and using nail moisturizer frequently each day.

Top Nail Care Tips

Many use a nail file incorrectly, damaging their nails in an attempt to beautify them. It is a tool meant to shape and should only be used in one direction–never back and forth. Also, it shouldn’t be used on the edges because it causes them to weaken.

Keep Your Lips Sealed

Never bite your nails because doing so is bad on so many levels. For one thing, it leaves nails and fingers looking rather ugly. For another thing, it actually damages nails, so they will never grow beautifully. Moreover, nail-biting will damage your teeth, too. So, trim them with a nail cutter, and shape with a file.

Most of us are always busy and barely have time to do our nails, that is where we at Evergreen Beauty College come in handy. Our manicures and pedicures are cheap and you can rest assured that your nails will never be the same again.

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