Popular 80’s Hair Styles Worn By Men

80's Hair StylesFamous 1980s rock musicians and actors inspired many different hairstyles. In the 80s short preppy hair, large rock star hair and crazy punk hair was all in style. Short 80’s hair styles were worn by men of all ages.

80’s Hair Styles That Are Back For Men

In the 80’s, men would use gel to keep their hair nice and neat. Some men let their bangs grow out so they were longer than the rest of their hair. Now in 2013, not much has changed. Here is a look at some of the 80’s styles that have resurfaced for men.

The Mullet

The mullet hairstyle became popular in the 80s. Men who wore a mullet cut their hair short on the top and sides and let it grow long in the back. Even some professional men wore a mullet during that time; some men attempted to keep their hair neat by wearing a ponytail.

80’s Hip-Hop Inspired Dos

Many of the black hip-hop artists wore the High Top Fade hairstyles in the 1980s. They shaved their hair on the sides and back but left it long on top. They put plenty of gel in their hair to give it a lift. Some men opted for the flattop hairstyle instead. The Jheri Curl was one of the most popular 80’s hair styles for African-American men. Stars such as Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson had loose, glossy curls.

“Hair Band” Hair Styles

Hair-Band hairstyles were popular among the younger crowd. Men tried to look like their favorite band members by wearing their hair long and straight or long and ultra frizzy. Men wore a ton of hairspray to make their hair as big as possible. Many men also spiked their hair. Some men wore short spikes while other went all out and wore a super high Mohawk. Mowhawks were part of an overall fashion statement for punks. The men who wore this daring hairstyle used a ton of gel and hairspray to get their hair to stand straight up on end In some cases, men colored their Mowhawks black, red or even pink to create an even more dramatic effect.

Crazy 80’s Hair

Many celebrities in the 1980s wore crazy hairstyles. Although some of the hairstyles from the sixties and seventies have made a comeback, 80s hair has been left in the past. People still enjoy wearing the hairstyles for 80s theme parties. After all, it’s fun to have big hair, a mullet or a spiky style for one day!

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