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what skills nail technicians needs

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Nail technicians will learn all sorts of skills as they become better at their craft. Going through a nail technology program will allow you to learn the technical skills associated with nail technology, but there are some skills you’ll need to master outside of that process. Here are six skills you should be working on outside of the program.

1. Creativity

Creativity is a passion you absolutely need to succeed as a nail technician. Many of your clients will come in with a general understanding of what designs they want but not a specific reference image or fully fleshed-out idea. It’s up to you to take their ideas and create an interesting nail design from them. If you have a significant amount of creativity, you may be able to manage your clients even more easily.

2. Passion for Nail Technology

A passion for nail technology can drive you through the process of learning about nail technology and becoming registered in your state. Without a passion for nail technology, you’re less likely to make it through the entire learning process. The more you care about the thing you’re pursuing, the more you’re going to enjoy pursuing it.

3. Ability To Stay Up to Date With Nail Trends

When you first decide to pursue nail technology, it’s a good idea to start following blogs, Instagram pages, websites and magazines that focus on the current trends in nail fashion. That’s because you need to have an idea of the current trends in nail technology if you’re going to help people get the best looks when they come to you. Staying up to date with nail trends will help you do your job better.

4. Attention to Detail and Dexterity

The ability to pay attention to the tiniest detail as a nail tech will be incredibly helpful. Nails are a very small canvas, and it’s important that you make sure it looks just as beautiful on a tiny canvas as it would on a large one. Having great dexterity and an attention to detail will carry you far in your studies.

5. Communication With Clients

Whether it’s learning about your clients before you do their nails, talking to your clients during the nail process, or sending them on their way with aftercare instructions, the nail technology process requires that you communicate with clients the entire way through. Being able to actively talk to clients and make the process more comfortable will get you more clients and make them happier. 

6. Teamwork

Lastly, you need to make sure you’re able to work as part of a team. Any time you work in the beauty industry, your teamwork abilities are going to be paramount. This is because your ability to help clients with your teammates will directly translate into your ability to do your job. The better you can do your work with your salon teammates, the better the completed job will be. 


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Nail technicians need a variety of skills to do their work in the best way possible. Some of these skills, including the skills on this list, are things you can work on yourself. However, some of the skills are things you’ll need technical education for. If you’re interested in becoming a nail technician, check out the nail technician program at Evergreen Beauty College. Here, you can learn all the technical skills necessary to become a nail technician, allowing you to bring these skills into your nail tech experience.


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