10 Must have Nail Art Designs for Christmas

Courtesy of EyeCandyNails, Flickr

Courtesy of EyeCandyNails, Flickr

Are you looking for a unique way to stand out during this festive season? Beautiful nail art designs can help add flair to any outfit or special event.

With Christmas around the corner, most people are looking for various ways of expressing the festive mood.

While it may be too early to start wearing Christmas clothes, you can get away with a Christmas manicure. There are many nail art designs to choose from, some of these include glitter and jewels, polka dots, duo tones, marbling and stamping. Here are some Christmas nail art designs, from the easiest to the most advanced.

Easy Nail Art Designs

Christmas Presents

The nail art design is achieved by using two shades of nail polish preferably red and gold. Once your basecoat is dry, apply red nail polish and leave it to dry. Apply a clear top coat to seal the red nail polish and leave it to dry. Use a clean toothpick and the gold nail polish to make vertical and horizontal lines such that they meet near the corner of the nail. Finish with a clear top coat once the gold polish has dried.

Moderate Nail Art design

Christmas French

For this design, you’ll need a rubber band, red, white and green nail polish preferably with glitters. You can use green nail polish by Orly. Take the rubber band and tie it in the middle. Using your thumb, loop one end to tighten the band. Align the other end of the band over the top of your nail, just below the edge to create a French tip shape. Paint the tip of the nail red and leave it to dry.

To create small dots, dip a small brush into the white nail polish and tap it across the nail just below the red tips. Once it has dried, apply the green nail polish below both designs. Leave to dry and finish off with a top coat.

Hard Design

Winter Icicles

You will need light blue nail polish, base coat, loose silver glitter, nail gel and a rubber band to achieve this design. Apply base coat and leave it to dry then apply light blue nail polish. Once it has dried, seal it with a clear top coat. Mix the loose glitter with nail gel, fasten the rubber band on the finger to create a French tip nail and apply the mixture. Use a soft brush to create a thin line of glitters running from the tip to the middle of the nail. Leave it to dry and apply a clear top coat.

Advanced Design

Snowflakes and Tinseled Tree Nail Art

For this design, you will need light blue and white nail polish, small jewels and glitter. This design is complex and includes intricate patterns which need to be done by a professional.

Click the following link if you are excited about creating these designs or studying nail art.

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