Top 5 Beach Ready Hairstyles to Try This Summer



Summertime means sitting by the pool with a cold drink, backyard grilling, and, of course, trips to the beach.

The Top 5 Beach Ready Hairstyles

For many women with long hair, however, it also means struggling to figure out how to manage their tresses and keep them in good shape while on the go. Well, fret no more. Instead, check out these beach ready hairstyles:

1. Braids

Braids are always in style, but this year the side braid has made a major surge in popularity. This messy yet constrained look is perfect for the beach. It’s a perfect way to keep your hair out of your face, and to show off your neck and shoulders. The side braid is a look that falls somewhere between a farm girl and a flower child, and can be worn by almost anyone.

Create the look by gathering your hair at the nape of your neck, just below one ear. Separate it into three strands and braid it down in front of your shoulder. Secure it at the bottom with an elastic or a bow.

2. Messy Buns

While buns may seem like an obvious hairstyle for being active at the beach, your best bet is to pick a style that is intentionally messy. Instead of using a brush to pull your hair back, gather it with your hands. Twist it loosely first, then coil the hair against the nape of your neck.

Add a clip to secure it, or use a few hair pins. If you have shorter hairs that aren’t long enough for a low bun, consider adding a stylish, wide headband.

3. Classic Ponytails

Whether placed at the nape of your neck or higher on your head, a ponytail is always a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face during a day at the beach.

The best way to create a classic ponytail is to begin with wet hair. Add a small amount of gel or mousse, and brush it through the length of your hair. This will help control fly-aways and frizz. Then, use the brush or a comb to gather your hair and hold it tightly while you wrap the elastic around it.

The beach is also the perfect place for a less styled, messy ponytail. This is the best option if you are starting with dry hair, or if your hair is curly. Simply gather your hair with your hands at the height where you want the ponytail. Hold it in one hand while smoothing the top and sides of your head with the other hand before wrapping the elastic around it. Note that you should always secure your ponytails with elastics that don’t have metal parts. Older elastic bands with metal fasteners can break and pull your hair, causing damage.

4. Stylish Head Scarves

If you’re short on time or just not feeling inspired to style your hair, one of the easiest ways to fix your hair for a day at the beach is by not styling it at all. Instead, pull your hair back into a simple low ponytail or bun and cover it with a chic and stylish head scarf. Scarves are available in almost any color and shape you can imagine, and there are almost limitless ways to tie them.

Many of these can even be found with video demonstrations on YouTube! A head scarf will also protect your hair from the sun, which can leave your hair dry and damaged.

5. Accessorize Your Style

Hair accessories are hot right now. No matter if it’s a small clip used to hold your bangs back or a huge flower tucked behind your ear, adding accessories to a simple hairstyle can make it look more fashionable and put together. Choose wide headbands decorated with bows or flowers or clip-in statement pieces to show off your trendsetting style. This can be especially useful for a more elegant or upscale look on the beach.

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9 years ago

In summer, most of them used to do these hair style to feel better and comfortable.