Types Of Artificial Nails: Acrylics, Gel And Silks

artificial nailsMany women enjoy the use of artificial nail because of their attractiveness. Maybe you have not used them but you are interested in learning more before you try them. There are many good reasons to get artificial nails. Perhaps you have a reunion or a wedding and want to look your best. Maybe you just have trouble growing your own and need some help.

The most commonly used are gel nails, acrylic nails and silk nails. If you are interested in having long nails for an extended period then you should consider acrylic or gel nails. If you are simply trying to strengthen your own and only plan to use them for a short period, then silks may be the right choice for you. Let us review each of the artificial nail manicures so you can determine the right one for you.

Acrylic Nails

When you visit the salon, the technician will combine a powder with a liquid and will then brush this mixture onto your nails. If you have short nails, he or she may first add a tip to the end of your natural nail before brushing on the mixture. Some technicians will opt to use a flexible form and then use the mixture to sculpt a natural looking nail over the top of your own.

As it is exposed to the air, the mixture dries and hardens. When it is being applied, you may notice a strong odor. This odor is harmless as long as the room has proper ventilation.

Some upkeep of acrylic is required because the acrylic will grow out with your natural nails. Every couple of weeks you need to return to the salon and have them filled in with more of the acrylic powder and liquid mixture. The tech will file the acrylic edge that is the closest to your nail bed and then will fill it in with more acrylic powder.

Gel Nails

The gel is brushed onto your nails, or onto tips to extend the length. Between each coat, your hands must be placed under a UV (ultraviolet) light to cure for two minutes. This process hardens the gel so that the next coat can be applied. Unlike acrylic, gel is odorless.

The upkeep of gel is similar to acrylic in that it will grow out with your own nails and must be filled every two to three weeks. The technician will file the gel edge that is closest to your nail bed and fill in the empty area with more of the gel solution. Gel nails can be removed by soaking them in nail polish remover. If drying out your hands is a concern, ask your nail technician about nail wraps that are filled with polish remover. These can be used to loosen the nails.

Silk Nails

These fabric wraps, intended to be temporary, are ideal for those with cracked nails. They may be made of silk, fiberglass, paper or linen. The technician will cut them to fit your natural nail bed. The adhesive will typically loosen within a couple of weeks or sooner if you wash dishes by hand and do not wear gloves.

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