Finding Unique Jobs in the Beauty Industry and How Cosmetology Programs Can Help

When it’s time to pick a career in beauty, the conventional career path usually leads to working at a salon or spa. Students who attend cosmetology programs may turn their love for doing hair, nails, makeup, or skin from a labor of love to a lucrative career path.

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How Aspiring Beauty Industry Professionals May Land Unique Jobs in Their Field

Working in a salon or a spa is a noble profession. It also has many perks, including an upbeat social atmosphere, a chance to explore creativity, and a consistent schedule and paycheck.

For students with ambitions to pursue competitive or unique career roles, cosmetology school can help to prepare for the job of their dreams. In school, you’re not only learning from industry professionals, but you’re creating contacts. Most importantly, there are opportunities to develop a strong work ethic and experiment.

Here are some traditional and unique jobs students could be eligible for after graduating: 

  • Barber 
  • Manicurist/Pedicurist 
  • Wig & Wardrobe Technician 
  • Skin Therapist (esthetician) 
  • Makeup Artist (wedding, fashion, beauty brand)
  • Entertainment Stylist (film and theatre)
  • Cosmetic Buyer
  • Salon Owner 
  • And More

Becoming a Hairstylist for Film and Theatre

When a hairstylist works in theatre or film, they’re responsible for creating a hairstyle and cut that brings the characters to life. The role of designing hair for the movies is a collaborative effort. The lead hair designer works with all department leads, including makeup, set design, and the director in the pre-production phase to establish the original look. 

In cosmetology school, you get critiqued by your peers and instructors. You get the unique chance of getting feedback from students specializing in different fields. You’ll also obtain a sense of history in classic cuts and styles.

So, if you like reading plays, scripts and reviewing 100 reference photos to get ideas for character development, you may love creating original styles for the movies or the theatre. 

Being a master with shears comes in handy when you are designing looks. Consider what makes you stand out from the sea of hairstylists and develop that; it may be what makes you great and opens doors for an entertainment career. 

Things you can do in school to prepare for hairstyling in entertainment: 

  • Master styling wigs
  • Think of a way to recreate a look from a famous character
  • Get bold and creative; master the basics and push boundaries
  • Have a good grasp of chemical texturizing 

Becoming a Barber

There’s a relaxing hum in the air at the barbershop coming from the hair trimmers. Customers sit back, relax, and enjoy a haircut, a warm towel to the face, finished with a clean shave. It feels equivalent to an express spa treatment. Mostly, you may get the usual “just a cleanup” request, but the best barbers can offer a great consultation, camaraderie, and a memorable experience. 

You’ll have the opportunity to learn to master the shears, straight razor shave, beard design, customer service, and more in school. 

The Art of Nails

Social media has given a giant platform to many specialized beauty services and art forms; nail techs grew significant followings showing people what is possible. Your creative juices will flow in school while you learn the art of nail design.

The Skin Therapist (esthetician)

These days, everyone is always searching for the best cure-all skincare and maintenance routines. Skin therapists are in high demand. Learn safety and best practices, examine skin types, and treat skin to bring out a youthful glow.

Transforming Faces as a Makeup Artist

Opportunities for makeup artists can start at weddings, events, behind the counter at Sephora, or as a personal makeup artist. Finding unique jobs in the entertainment industry with an impressive and extensive portfolio is possible. Having a degree will show that you’re serious. And being in the right location, like LA, Atlanta, or New York, can give you consistent opportunities to work in entertainment. 

There is a line of unique jobs that students will qualify for upon graduation. If creating a community and running the show excites you, consider opening your salon; If you love shopping and diligently reviewing products, a cosmetic buyer may be the job for you. 

Whatever career path you choose in the beauty industry, be it out of the ordinary, Evergreen Beauty College may help you grow and succeed.

Frank Trieu
Vice President of Business Development & Industry Relations

Frank Trieu is a cosmetology industry leader, and despite his accomplishments and accolades, he still prioritizes students on the Evergreen campus. Through building relationships within the community and local salons, retail stores, and spas, he helps facilitate job placements for aspiring beauty professionals using his expansive network.

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